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Art Attack

Welcome to Rainbow Time Art Attack!


Your child will spend the next 5 Friday afternoons with Miss Carter. We will be studying Kandinsky and choose one of his pieces of work to recreate. We will recreate the art in different materials such as pencils, pastels and paints, while learning different techniques for using these materials. By the end of the half term we will have an amazing gallery of artwork to share with you.


We hope to see you at our showcase on Friday 26th October. During the showcase you will be able to see your child’s fantastic artwork and help them in creating a piece together, where they can show off the skills they have learnt.


We are very much looking forward to our Rainbow Time sessions and seeing you at the showcase event.

Week 1


This week w learnt about Kandinsky and how he was an abstract artist. The children learnt that Kandinsky listened to music while he painted and painted what he could hear. The children had go at drawing what they could hear in the music from  the same musician that Kandinsky listened to.

Week 2


This week we   recreated Kandinsky’s  work  in coloured pencils. We  practiced blending colour to try to match our colour as closely as possible to the originals. The children have  chosen either ‘Squares with Concentric Circles’ or ‘Black and Violet’ to  recreate.

Week 3


This week we  used paint! We  looked again at colour mixing to try to match the colours as closely as possible. The children worked very carefully and took great care  with their paintings.

Week 4


This week we  recreated our art using chalk pastels. The children learnt that they can create lines of different thicknesses depending on how they angle the pastels, and that they can smudge the pastels to blend them.