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Pastry Week!


Today was our final week cooking, (I know, so sad). We  decided to make both sweet and savoury voulevant. We filled the rough, puff pastry with a sweet mince-pie filling and the other with a savoury garlic cheese and caramelised onion filling. They were  delicious, and to celebrate we  said cheers with refreshing glass of sparkling grape juice. The young chefs hav been fantastic throughout the whole six weeks and it has been great working with them.

Dessert Week Part 2!



This past week we  were exploring different flavours and came up with our own recipe for some sweet, baked nectarines! We then went on to make them and taste-tested them. They seemed to go down a treat for most!

Dessert week part 2!

Dessert week part 2! 1
Dessert week part 2! 2
Dessert week part 2! 3
Dessert week part 2! 4
Dessert week part 2! 5

Preparing ingredients for different flavour combinations!

Preparing ingredients for different flavour combinations! 1

Dessert week!

In Cooking club we’ve been tasting and discussing a variety of food from different cultures in order to decide on a menu to cook. We will begin practising different skills next week, (5/10/18). Watch this space for exciting photos of us demonstrating our new skills!