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Foundation 2

Spring Term 2017

Spring One

We have been finding out about different animals from different countries as we are reading stories. We have looked at and compared their habitats. We enjoyed the story of Handa's Surprise and exploring the different fruits she put in her basket. We had a visit from the ZooLab and they brought in lots of exciting animals for us to look at and we even got to hold some of them, including a snake! We loved the story of Brown Bear, Brown Bear and added in the signs as we told the story. This encouraged us to focus our learning towards colours and rainbows. It was good fun when we explored colour mixing with ice cubes and watched the ice melt. We have investigated how to make different colours by reading instructions and created our own rainbow pictures. We have also enjoyed taking part in P.E. sessions and developing our balancing skills.



A visit from the ZooLab

A visit from the ZooLab 1
A visit from the ZooLab 2
A visit from the ZooLab 3
A visit from the ZooLab 4
A visit from the ZooLab 5
A visit from the ZooLab 6
A visit from the ZooLab 7
A visit from the ZooLab 8
A visit from the ZooLab 9
A visit from the ZooLab 10
A visit from the ZooLab 11

Autumn Term 2016

We have had a fun and busy start to our first year in school. We have settled in well to our school routines and enjoy coming to school to learn together. We take part in lots of activities during the day with adults and our friends as well as leading our own learning. Our learning takes place inside our classrooms and also outside in our outdoor learning area.

Autumn One


We looked at different fairytales and enjoyed retelling these. We talked about who the characters were and what happened in each story. After reading Jack and the Beanstalk, we decided to plant some beans to find out what they would need in order to grow. We have been observing them change  as they grow, and we are watching out for giants! We made gingerbread men and counted their buttons. We sorted food into healthy and unhealthy groups to put on the top. One of our favourite creative activities was when we made fairytale character puppets and retold our favourite stories. We enjoyed our visit from a librarian and loved listening to her stories. In addition, it was fun when the puppet show visited and we watched different traditional tales and joined in with the songs. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11

Autumn Two

Nocturnal Animals

We have been learning about lots of animals that live in England on farms and in the woods. We have enjoyed listening to stories about these animals and retelling the stories using Small World characters. We had an exciting experience when some owls came to school and flew around the school hall! We asked lots of interesting questions about the owls and drew pictures. This led us to engage in lots of different activities about owls and  learn how to use non-fiction texts to find out more information. We have used clay to create sculptures and made collages of owls. We investigated different materials to see which would be most suitable to use in building a bat home. in the garden, we built shelters for hedgehogs to hide inside using leaves and sticks. We worked together as a team to build these and we discussed how to make improvements.

Owl visit

Owl visit 1
Owl visit 2
Owl visit 3
Owl visit 4

Building shelters for hedgehogs

Building shelters for hedgehogs 1
Building shelters for hedgehogs 2
Building shelters for hedgehogs 3
Building shelters for hedgehogs 4