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Mini Pioneering

Welcome to Rainbow Time Mini Pioneering!


Your child will spend Friday afternoons this half term with Mr Bird. We will be learning a   new knot each week, and creating our very own   book of knots which the children will be able to take home. When we  have  learnt our knots we   will then have the opportunity to apply what we have learnt to create a range  of structures and solve problems.







In  our final Rainbow time session   of this half term  we  applied what we  had learnt so far to  create a  range  of wonderful structures and completed our book  of knots. We  all had a fantastic time!




In  our  second mini pioneering session, we  learnt to tie a  half hitch and a  square  lashing. We  practised these new skills and applied what we  had learnt to make a  cube.


In  our first Rainbow Time session  of this half term, the term mini pioneering was introduced. We  learnt our first knot, which was the Reef Knot  and created our first page  of our own  Book of Knots. We  completed a  challenge  to  build the highest free standing tower in 10 minutes. The tallest was 55 cm!


Next  session  we  will be learning to tie a clove  hitch and square lashing to create a  cube.



In   our final Rainbow Time of Autumn 1, we   continued creating our bridges, working as a  team applying what we had learnt about different knots.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
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Picture 8



This week in Rainbow time, we worked in groups to start creating bridges from our plans. The children applied their knowledge of knots to build stable structures thinking about suitable designs.

Come back next week to see our finished bridges.


In   Rainbow Time this week, we   continued creating our  book of knots, adding in an example of a   square  lashing. We also learnt how to tie a   clove   hitch. We   discussed ways   to make sure   towers   are   strong and able to support   weight, and designed different ways   to create a   bridge.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


This week in Rainbow Time we  started to   create our    book    of knots. The children used these to     remind them how t tie knots and lashings    when creating their zip lines.





This week we  learnt how to    tie the half  hitch which enabled us to securely attach a  rope to a  cane. We    then learnt about lashings, in particular  the square  lashing. The children were    then challenged to build a    cube which could hold weight.