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Stars of the Week

This week’s Stars – 11.10.2018


Mitchell – Reading Star


Mitchell shared his love  of reading with the class by showing his favourite dinosaurs and explain what he found interesting. Keep up the love  for reading.




Lilly has listened carefully, and taken on  board feedback to develop her understanding of place value. She has shown  perseverance and never gave  up.




Max is a fantastic role model. He supported members of his group to create interesting dialogue, and wrote his speech up neatly, with the use of correct punctuation.



Chloe – Reading Star


For modelling excellent reading behaviour. She always  gets a  reading book  out straight away in the morning and focuses on her reading, setting a great example for others.




Blanka is a fantastic listener. She follows instructions first time and sets a great example. She models excellent learning behaviour.




Toby takes all advice on board. He listens well and participates in every lesson and uses what he has learnt to produce some fantastic pieces of work.