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Stop Frame Animation



Last week our new rainbow group had our first session. Due to there being less sessions this half term the children were put into mixed age groups to plan a storyboard for their animation.


I was really impressed with how well the different year groups worked together and helped each other to come up with some original ideas.


Next week:

We will beginning to make our animations using iPads.

Week 1

Week 1 1
Week 1 2
Week 1 3
Week 1 4
Week 1 5
Week 1 6
Week 1 7

Final Week


In our final week we completed our final animations. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed watching each other's videos.


We hope to be able to put the videos on the website so that the children can share their hard work and creativity with you.


Update: Week 4


This week we watched the videos that we have created so far and evaluated them together.

We found some really good points and some points to improve.


We then worked in pairs to re-create our animations using an iPad.


Next week: We will be finalising our videos using laptops. Children will be adding music and voice overs to bring their animation to life.


Look out for our completed videos coming soon!!!


Update: Week 3


This week we made our characters and backgrounds for our animations.


Some children have started to make their stop frame animations using iMotion on an iPad. They have had great fun making their ideas come to life and solving problems along the way.


Children have also been working in small teams to help each other when using the iPads and it has been lovely to see the older children guiding the younger children.


Next week:

We will be continuing to produce our animations and practise making the videos run smoothly.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Update: Week 2


This week we planned our stop frame animations using storyboards.

First, children drew their characters and decided how they would make them.

Then, they put them into a story using a storyboard.


Next week:

We will begin to make our characters using Play-Doh and Lego.

Update: Week 1


We had a fantastic first session getting to know each other and finding out what Stop Frame Animation is all about!


Children were really enthusiastic and creative while producing a flip book animation. It was brilliant to see the older children and younger children working together and helping each other.


Next week we will be planning our own stop frame animations through storyboards.


Miss Gascoine and Mrs Cooper


Welcome to Rainbow Time Stop Frame Animation!


Your child has been invited to join Stop Frame Animation Club for Rainbow Time. Rainbow Time is a six-week club held every half term on Friday afternoons from 1:30-3:00.


All children were asked which club they would like to join last week and were sorted into mixed-age groups from Years 1-6. It is a chance for your child to learn a new skill and make new friends. During the sessions children will be researching different stop frame animations and using these to plan and create their own animation with the use of iPads.



Kind regards,

Miss Gascoine and Mrs Cooper