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Year 4

Lego Electricity Day

Children In Need

Children In Need 1 We got spotty to raise money for Children In Need!

Reading Buddies

Reading Buddies 1 In Year 4 we have been enjoying reading together.
Reading Buddies 2
Reading Buddies 3
Reading Buddies 4

Welcome to Year 4.

We have had a busy start to the year and have enjoyed learning about two different science topics already.


Autumn One 2017 


Which wild animals and plants live in our locality?

This big question had a Science focus. We explored the school garden identifying and recording a range of plants and animals that we found. We learnt about the features of vertebrates and invertebrates and used them to classify animals such as mammals, reptiles, insects and birds. We discovered how to classify and identify unknown animals through branching keys.


'Our favourite parts were the branching keys because we got to think about questions about different animals and looking for animals in the garden.' said Miss Gascoine's class.


How could we cope without Electricity for one day?

We enjoyed learning about electricity and why it is so important to us. We worked in teams to make circuits and tested materials to find out about conductors and insulators. We also learnt about how electricity is generated. We really enjoyed our Lego morning where we all built a Lego city and used our scientific knowledge to make lights and a working train.


In R.E. we have enjoyed learning about Light and Dark. As part of our work on this topic the children have had the opportunity to reflect on their own life experiences. We researched the Hindu Festival of Light and really enjoyed our art activities as part of our Diwali day.

Autumn Two 2017

Why were the Norman castles certainly not bouncy?

We investigated the Norman conquest and explored how England changed due to the Normans. We researched William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings in 1066. After investigating the Bayeux Tapestry, and understanding its historical importance, the children used laptops to create a power-point presentation illustrating what has happened in the past year, both in their own lives and public events such as the Rugby World Cup. We designed a Motte and Bailey castle, including labels, we then used clay to design our own castle using a range of techniques to create textures for the bricks and stones. Finally we compared how life has changed since Norman times, looking at the Doomsday book and the current census and then researching the life of a ten year old Norman child. we reflected on how our lives are different.


Exploring Easter at New Cross Church

Exploring Easter at New Cross Church 1
Exploring Easter at New Cross Church 2
Exploring Easter at New Cross Church 3
Exploring Easter at New Cross Church 4
Exploring Easter at New Cross Church 5
Exploring Easter at New Cross Church 6
Exploring Easter at New Cross Church 7
Exploring Easter at New Cross Church 8
Exploring Easter at New Cross Church 9
Exploring Easter at New Cross Church 10

Spring 2016

Spring One

Why is Nottingham such a cool place to live?

In this half term we explored the big question 'Why is Nottingham such a cool place to live?' This involved the children completing independent research about different areas of Nottingham and the surrounding area, such as shopping centres, Sherwood Forest and the Major Oak which resulted in them producing a fact-file. We used our geographical skills to locate both Nottingham and other major cities within the UK on a map and to locate England on a globe. We discussed the growth of Nottingham over the past century exploring why that might have happened. We also had a visit to Nottingham Theatre Royal to watch a performance of 'Gangsta Granny'. This lead to some fantastic art work and creative writing.

Can you survive a day without water?

To investigate this big question we explored solids, liquids and gasses. We completed a selection of experiments. Our first experiment was to investigate the effect of heat on different materials, such as ice. We had a challenge to see who could melt their ice cube the quickest! It was really fun. We also conducted an experiment to investigate where washing would dry more quickly. Most of our predictions were correct. We can now classify different materials depending on their properties.

Spring Two

What happens to the food we eat?

We watched videos and explored through practical investigations what happens to food when we eat it. We labelled a diagram of the human body with the parts of the digestive system, labelled teeth and discussed what different types of teeth are used for. Building on from this, we researched different diets, herbivore, carnivore and omnivore and the different teeth animals with these diets have. We explored the effect different types of drinks have on our teeth through an experiment, using eggshells in place of our teeth.

This half term was an exciting one. We went to Southwell Minster to Time Travel and to explore the church, Christian beliefs and customs. The children came back to school really excited and shared what they had learnt. We also took part in a visit to New Cross Church to reflect on the Easter Story. The children considered how aspects of the Easter Story such as hopes and dreams, being alone and thinking of others relates to their own lives. They really enjoyed the role play and art activities.