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Year 6

Sports Relief Mile

Year 6 all donned their red T-Shirts and ran their mile to raise funds for Sports Relief. They either worked as a team or as individuals to complete the mile. There were a lot of faces matching their T-Shirts when they'd finished! Well done Year 6, you did yourselves proud. 

Hogwarts Artwork


Children in Mrs Marriott's class took inspiration from Van Gogh's artwork 'Starry Night' and created their own Hogwarts Starry Night scene using chalks. We worked on our pictures step by step, making sure we took our time and looked closely at Van Goghs work so we could recreate his night time sky. We created dashes of colour with our chalk to represent the brush strokes of the oil paint that Van Gogh used. 

We hope you agree that our gallery looks amazing - please pop down to our classroom to take a closer look and appreciate our work.

Our Adventures with Harry Potter


Year 6 celebrated World Book Day by delving into the world of Harry Potter. We began the day by exploring some of the characters we had met in the story so far; we read descriptions from the text and we had to draw a picture of everything we had read, to show our understanding. We then swapped with a partner who had to identify our character from our drawing and then label the features using the words from the text. Have a look at some examples of our work below.

Potion Making Class

We used some weird and wonderful ingredients to create the potion 'Wizards Brew'. Dragons blood, Wolfsbane, Unicorn horn powder, Basilisk venom and Dream fluid were some of delights that went into our potion. In the follow up session (6.3.2018) we will be writing detailed instructions explaining how to make this delectable delight! 

Mrs Marriott's Class become Hogwarts Students...

World Book Day

Year 6 will be celebrating World Book Day by looking at Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. Children have been invited to come to school dressed as any character from the story. Over the course of the day children will be inventing a new head wizard for Hogwarts School, taking part in potion making classes, writing rich character and settings descriptions and creating some beautiful, magical artwork as well as putting themselves in Harry Potter's shoes and writing a diary entry!

Mrs Marriott and Miss Jackson can't wait to see you all for a fun packed couple of days!

Spring Term 1


 The Spring term is all about ensuring every child feels as confident as they possible can for the upcoming SAT tests in May (week beginning 14th). We have been doing regular SATs buster activities to help build up our speed and stamina for the GPS and Reading papers. We also do a daily mini maths session where we practise our arithmetic strategies and methods - our scores are really improving. We are still enjoying our active maths sessions and have been trying out some new activities this half term. In English we have been focusing on the poem 'The Spider and the Fly', we have written some fantastic character descriptions and newspaper reports based on the events of the text. We are hoping to do some art work to go with our writing before half term. Please feel free to come in and see our new classroom display when it is up. 

Our Learning Challenge work has been based on light and how we see things. The children have been finding out about how the eye works, how light travels and will be investigating shadows in the coming weeks. We also have our trip to MAGNA science discovery centre to look forward to on the 14th February.

Autumn 1 Half Term Overview


We have had a fun and very productive first half term in Year 6. The children have all settled to life as a Year 6 very well and are continually impressing us with their can do attitudes!


In maths we have been working on developing our knowledge on number and place value. We have deepened our understanding of addition and subtraction as well as multiplication and division, with greater depth challenges to extend our learning and deepen our thinking. We have been going A.P.E. over maths!


Our first English topic was based on a story book called GHOST DOG where we developed our language choices by writing expanded noun phrases, similes, metaphors and personification. Some of the descriptive writing for the brutal beast really sent shivers down our spines! We then went on to use all of the descriptive language to create some poems all about Ghost Dog to celebrate National Poetry Day.


In learning challenge we have answered the following questions - Will we ever see the water we drink again? We had a fabulous time learning how to filter and clean water in a science investigation and have created our own versions of Monets water lillies, as well as investigating which countries get the most rainfall and why. 


Autumn Term 2 2017


This half term kicked off with an amazing residential trip to LEA GREEN. The children had to demonstrate bravery to overcome the giant swing, work together to complete the low ropes course and above all show their ability to work as a team and support one another. It was a brilliant way to start the new half term.  In English this half term we will be studying Macbeth and Year 6 are very lucky to have the opportunity of working with the Konflux Theatre Group in school where they will create their own play based on Macbeth. Both classes will have workshops with a drama coach and then come together to perform the whole play to an audience.  Exciting!!!


In maths we will be looking at working with prime numbers, factors and multiples and also the order of operations (BIDMAS) before moving onto exploring fractions, decimals and percentages.


Our Learning Challenge work has a science focus this half term and we are looking at grouping and classifying animals according to their characteristics.

Year 6 - Walking in the Air

Year 6 have been working very hard over the past few weeks learning various Christmas songs on the Ukuleles. In their last session with Mr Fretwell they have celebrated their success by recording their own version of Walking in the Air from the famous film - The Snowman. They are very proud of themselves and rightly so! We are very proud of them!