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Art and Design

Welcome to Art and Design at Priestsic Primary School

Art and Design Curriculum Purpose


For more information about Art and Design at Priestsic Primary and Nursery School, please read through our curriculum purpose.

Art and design at Priestsic

At Priestsic School , we develop children’s skills, knowledge and talents by recording what they have experienced, seen, felt and imagined. We do this using a range of materials, techniques and tools through studying a rich variety of artists, crafts people and designers. We deliberately make links with other curriculum subjects, at times, to enable art and design to be both studied for joy, freedom of expression and creativity but also purposefully through exploration of links in learning to other subjects such as; Maths, English and History.

Year 2


In Year 2, we have been exploring, practising and applying our art skills in our ‘Create’ continuous provision areas. We have been sketching plants with graded pencils, as well as, creating self-portraits, using water colours to colour mix to paint them.

We sketched plants with graded pencils.
We used water colours to colour mix to paint self portraits.
We explored, practised and applied our art skills in our ‘Create’ areas.

Early Years Foundation Stage


Art in the Early Years is an exploration of thoughts, feelings and ideas. We look to ourselves, our imagination, the world and artists as inspiration for our artwork. We use paint, crayons, natural objects, clay, dough, shapes, building blocks and even mud...the list of what we can use and how we use it is endless!



Year 3


We have been looking at the artist Andy Goldsworthy who creates sculptures from natural materials in the places he finds them. On our trip to Sherwood Forest we created our own pieces inspired by him!

Year 5 have been recreating Tiger in a Tropical Storm by Henri Rousseau. 

Year 1 had fun in art creating Victorian wallpaper in the style of the designer William Morris using polystyrene tiles and a printing technique. We explored repeating patterns and how Morris was inspired by nature in his designs.

We modelled the solar system using paper mache and finished them in paint, while discovering each planet’s uniqueness. We also explore the medium of pastel to represent our space learning too.

We have studied Kandinsky, selecting one of his pieces of work to recreate. We then recreated the art in his style in different materials such as pencils, pastels and paints, while learning different techniques for using these materials.

Year 2 have been experimenting with colour mixing and also with sketching techniques to help us represent the planets. We have explored how to sketch a sphere using the techniques of hatching and cross hatching to help us shade. We have also explored creating colours that represent the planets. Our next step is to represent the planets in a variety of media. Come and have a look at our finished works of art in the KS1 corridor!

Year 6 Art


Year 6 have been looking at artwork from South and Central America - in line with their current topic The Maya Civilisation. They have been finding out about Joaquin Torres Garcia. Torres Garcia was famous for using symbols in his artworks. He made toys, paintings and sculptures. His biggest influences were the artist, Mondrian and ancient people such as the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Ancient people used symbols to tell stories and record information. Torres Garcia used this as a way of communicating his ideas too. He preferred earthy colours and used symbols from music, religion, horoscopes, traffic, technology and ancient cultures. Our children have been recreating a piece of work created by Garcia that was hugely influenced by Mondrian. They have made their artwork personal to them by creating their own symbols for things that are important to them. Watch this space for our finished masterpieces.


Year 5 have been learning about space. We created our own galaxies by designing our own planets and exploring the most effective media to represent these in. We added texture to make our art 'out of this world!'