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Forest Schools


Forest School is the name for an approach to educating children in the outdoors on a regular basis and forms a key part of our Priestsic Pastoral Package.  We are lucky enough to work closely with the wonderful team at Bagthorpe Primary School where we access their amazing woodland area to undertake our Forest School Sessions. Targeted groups of children are selected to take part in the Forest School Programme - they access the sessions for a whole term and take part in a wide range of outdoor learning experiences which are designed to build self-esteem, confidence and develop resilience and independence. 

This was the first time back at the forest school site since lockdown.  It was lovely to be back.  The children enjoyed visiting for the first time.  They explored the bottom wood, top wood, main field and outdoor theatre.  A few of the children also enjoyed jumping in the stream.



Week 2 - 21.09.21

This week's activity was to make something with clay and natural resources.  All the children engaged in this activity with some exceptional items being made.



Week3 - 28.09.21

This week the children did a scavenger hunt then had a team building activity to see who could build the tallest tower.



Week 4 - 05.10.21 (no photos this week as I forgot the camera)

This week the children made paint using natural resources.  They had fun collecting items from the forest floor before returning to the classroom to make paint.


Week 5 - 12.10.21 (basic photos as again forgot the camera)

This week's challenge was den building.  Some children worked on their own and others worked in a small group of either 2 or 3.  They all worked well collecting resources to make dens either using the frames already in the forest or creating their own.



Week 6 - 02.11.21

This week we played floor is lava to start with.  All the children like this game.  They either climbed trees or stood on logs so as not to be touching the floor.  The main activity today was to either make a maze or a bug hotel with one group making a bug maze.



Week 7 - 09.11.21

Today's activity was woodland golf.  The children worked in teams of 2 to design a crazy golf course.  Once done, everyone had a go and playing golf.  Everyone enjoyed today including me hence I forgot to take photos whilst playing golf.