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Home Learning 27/04/20

Summer 1 Week 2

This half term we will be exploring rural areas (countryside) and comparing them to the more urban areas (towns) where we live.

During this topic we will be learning about animals that live in rural habitats and how the animals are adapted to suit their habitat. The children will also build on their knowledge of life cycles and food chains. Our book focus for this half term is 'Little Evie and the Wild Woods.' The children will explore the character of the wolf and compare the wolf's character to characters in other famous tales and stories. 

Home Learning Pack 27/04/20

Daily Maths and English Activities

This week in maths we will be learning to:

Compare lengths

Order lengths

Using the 4 operations (+, -, x and ÷) related to length

Problem solving 

Friday will be linked with the BBC again for Maths Challenges

Extra Learning Opportunities


English- Letter formation and alliteration

Maths- Recognising coins

History- Who was Neil Armstrong?



English- Writing sentences with a capital letter, full stop and joining words

Maths- Using coins to make amounts

Geography- Introduction to Europe- France