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Home Learning Pack 06.07.20

Week commencing 06/07/20

Terrific Toys!


Our topic, for this half term, is all about terrific toys! This week we will be talking about how your toys are different to toys in the past, we will look at the reasons why toys have changed. We will think a little bit more about ‘natural’ and ‘man-made’ materials.


We will be reading a non-fiction book called ‘Now and then - Toys’, this week. We will also read a story called ‘In the Park’, using Oxford Owl ebooks.


We have put together a collection of activities for you to do for week 6 of our new topic, while you are away from school.


Please have fun completing them with your grown ups at home.


Don’t forget to keep reading on the Oxford Owls website and recording it in your reading diaries and playing on our new Numbots games!


We can’t wait to see and hear all about what you have been up to while we are away!


Have fun!

 Daily Maths  

Lesson 1: Finding half (1)

Lesson 2 Finding half (2)

Lesson 3: Finding a quarter (1)

Lesson 4: Finding a quarter (2)

Lesson 5: Problem Solving


See the booklet for links for the videos for the White Rose lessons.


Year 1 Maths Homework


This week we are working on writing practising missing   number addition. 


We will be reading a non-fiction book called ‘Now and then - Toys’. We will find out the difference between fiction and non-fiction books. We will use the contents page and the index to find information that we are looking for.


Year Spelling Homework

This week, we are looking at the graphemes: : i-e, o, o-e, ue and ew.   


Use the words in sentences.