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Home Learning Pack 18.05.20

Please find below this week's Home Learning Pack

                                                                                            Summer 2 - Week 5

                                                              Would Peter Rabbit like to live at Sutton Lawn...?

This week we will be thinking about the parts of a plant and what each part of the plant is for. We will think about how we can attract birds into our garden.  You might want to have a go at making a bird feeder to attract the birds. We will check how our seeds are growing- you could post a picture on ClassDojo.


We will be reading the story ‘Peter Rabbit’. We will also read a story called ‘Chicken Licken’, using Oxford Owl ebooks.

Daily Maths

White Rose Maths Lessons

The creators are live on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at 10am every week day, answering questions about the daily video.  If you choose to complete the maths lesson at a different time and require support, please message us via the ClassDojo website.  There is a video which teaches the children step by step and prompts children to pause and practise.


Here is what you will be learning about in our daily maths lessons this week:

Monday- Compare lengths and heights

Tuesday- Measure length

Wednesday- Measure length

Thursday- Introduce weight and mass. If you have done this previously in lockdown, try the alternative lesson on name and recognising 3D shapes.

Friday - Family challenge


Year 1 Maths Homework

This week we are working on odd and even numbers up to 100.


The children need to practise using ones (or units) in a value in a number to decide if it is odd or even.


Odd or even?


1.  5 ______      

2.  1 _____       

3.  16 ____       

4.  8 ____        

5.  23 ____


Year 1 Spelling Homework

This week, we are looking at different ways of spelling /oa/.

These words are also used in the games on - rule 15 and 19.











English - Peter Rabbit 

We are going to sequence pictures from the story of 'Peter Rabbit' and write about what happens in the story.  We are going to look at sentences from the story and find the adjectives in the sentences.  We are going to write a review of the story.



Read the ebook 'Chicken Licken' .  Label a picture from the story, remember to use adjectives for description.
Read the poem 'Parts of a Plant', find out about the parts of a plant.  Write about the parts of a plant and what they do.