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Home Learning Pack 20.4.20

Summer 1 Week 1

Welcome back to home learning.  We hope you have all had a lovely break and made some fantastic memories.  This half term we will be looking at plants in our environment and thinking about how they grow. 


We will start our journey by learning about seeds, how they can look different and thinking about how they grow into plants. We will look at common plants and name them. We will think about how some plants are wild plants and about how they might have got there. We will look at different examples of trees and discuss the difference between a ‘deciduous’ and ‘evergreen’. We will recap the names of parts of a plant and tree and think about the role of each of these parts. We will think about the features of 'Spring' and look for them on a walk around school.  The books we are focusing upon this half term are 'The Rabbit Problem' and 'Peter Rabbit'.


In this pack there is a page with activities and web-links for the children to access, click on them to have a go.  Games are a great way to practise and develop skills.



Daily Maths and English

White Rose Maths Lessons The creators are live on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

at 10am every week day, answering question about the daily video.  If you choose to complete the maths session at a different time and require support, please message us via the ClassDojo website.  There is a video which teaches the children step by step and prompts the children to pause and practice.


Here is what you will be learning about in our daily maths lessons:

Monday- Make doubles

Tuesday- Make equal groups (grouping)

Wednesday- Make Equal groups (sharing)

Thursday- Find a half

Friday- Maths Challenge/Problem solving


Spellings This week we are learning about  different ways of spelling /ear/.  Click on  rule 29, 31 and 32 on the website for games to support the children with their understanding.  There are 'an' words and common exception words for the children who usually have 4 spellings.


Jack and the Beanstalk

Watch the first part of the story and then do some work about 'adjectives', to describe what Jack found in his cupboard, using your booklet.

Read the 'Oxford Reading Tree' story called 'The Radish Contest'.  Try to answer the questions about the story.