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Home Learning - Week Commencing 30th March 2020

What will you learn this week?


  • Watch a number blocks episode with your child. Follow the link below for a guide to give you some ideas on what to do whilst watching.


  • Work on Numbots - you should all have a log in.
  • Practise writing the numbers 0 up to 20, Make sure the digits are the right way round!
  • Go to White Rose Maths home learning. They are updating presentations for learning each week, followed by some activities. If there are any sheets, just encourage your child to use paper to answer any questions.


  • Go on a sound hunt! Make a list of all the things that make a sound in your house, like a hairdryer. Can you use the phonic mat to make a list?
  • Sign up for Oxford Owl if you haven't already. There you will find a free ebook library so you can choose a book to practise your reading skills. Don't forget to reread the sentence, talk about your reading, and read the book a few times to become more fluent.


  • What is everyone's favourite song in your house? Learn them and sing together! Use pots and pans to add music!
  • Start a junk model stash! Start collecting cereal boxes, yogurt pots etc. We can't wait to see your imaginative creations! 

A mathematics problem for Thursday (you will need a partner and a group of items).

There are two of you and five eggs. Share them out. How many have you got each? Is it fair? If not, what will you do to make it fair?

Try it with different amounts, what do you notice?

Let us know on Class Dojo how you decide to solve the problem of having an odd amount to share into 2.

Home Learning - Tuesday 31st March


Why not have a go at reading the ebook 'The Big Carrot' on Oxford Owl website (it is free to join). Have a go at completing the activities for the story too.


Which part of the story did you enjoy?
Did you notice any similarities to any other stories?
What would you do if you went into a garden and you saw a giant vegetable growing?
What would you do with the vegetable afterwards?
Can you talk through your own giant vegetable story?


Please share your answers on Class Dojo. We would love to hear what you come up with and how you use your imagination.