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Value Stars of the Week

This week’s Stars – 04.12.20


Chole - Kindness

Chloe has earned her star of the week for the kindness she shows each day. On many occasions, Chloe has been highlighted by other children in the class for the kind and caring side she shows to them during break and lunch. A massive well done Chloe, keep it up.



Maci-Jaye - Self-belief

Maci-Jaye has won her star this week due to her extraordinary determination and self-belief. Maci-Jaye always considers using her own knowledge to help her complete any work set but is also happy to put her hand up and ask for help when she knows she needs it. What a great example you are setting Maci-Jaye, keep it up. 


Ethan - Respect

Ethan, you have been showing great respect toward adults this week. You have been very polite and followed instructions carefully. Thank you. Keep it up!


Christie - Responsibility

Christie, I can see that you have been making a big effort to take more responsibility for your learning lately. You are trying very hard with your writing and staying focused during lessons. Well done!