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W/C: 08.01.21

Our focus text this week is: Dragons in the City and Chinese New Year.

This week our focus text is Dragon’s in the City. We will learn all about the celebration of Chinese New Year. We will use the text to find out information. We will take part in Chinese New Year celebrations and record what we have done.

Our focus rhyme this week is: Dragon, Dragon

Our focus vocabulary this week is: Draw, pencil, round, straight building, strong, weak, stack, structure, China, Chinese, language, compare, same, different, town, city, countryside, map, globe, atlas

Our maths focus this week is: learning to know about the number 8 – recognise it, order to it, know 1 more and 1 less, find combinations to make the number and represent the number.

Our learning focus this week: We find out about the celebration of Chinese New Year. We will make decorations for the celebration. We will find out about some buildings and monuments in China and have a go at being architects to recreate these. We will act out being in a Chinese Restaurant and use our maths skills to work out money owed for the food. We will have a go at singing in Chinese.