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W/C: 18.01.21

Handa’s Surprise

Our focus text this week is: Handa’s Surprise


We will continue our learning around the story of Handa’s Surprise. Enjoy watching and retelling the story again use the puppets you made and the story map. Can you remember what happens, first/in the middle/last? We will also work on following instructions and writing instructions.


Our focus rhyme this week is: The Animals went in two by two.


Our focus vocabulary this week is: Africa, England, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Kenya, country, map, atlas globe, world, town, compare


Our maths focus this week is: learning to embed our knowledge of the combinations of numbers that make 5.


Our learning focus this week: We look at some different fruits and use them to create a fruit salad, thinking about how we safely use tools. We will study the different shapes of fruits and create some fruit sculptures and pictures. We will continue our musical skills by creating a drum following our investigations last week and make our own drum. We will use our drum to sing and perform with.