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W/C: 25.01.21

Rumble in the Jungle

Our focus text this week is: Rumble in the Jungle


This week our focus text is a poetry book. We will learn the poem Rumble in the Jungle so you can repeat it and add in actions and different voices too. We will look at words to describe the animals and see if we can guess animals from a description.


Our focus rhyme this week is: Five Speckled Frogs


Our focus vocabulary this week is: Jungle, world, map, atlas, globe, same, different, rainforest, Africa, England


Our maths focus this week is: learning to know about the number 6 – recognise it, order to it, know 1 more and 1 less, find combinations to make the number and represent the number.


Our learning focus this week: We find out about jungles and rainforests and the animals that live there. We will use our technology skills to carry out some research. We will listen to some jungle music and draw what it makes us think about. We will learn about what some animals that live in the jungle look like as we describe them. We will also perform our poem and find ways to make it sound interesting and exciting to the listener.