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Aspirations Week

Aspirations Week


Aspirations Week is inspired by the annual celebration of National Careers Week, which is held in March.  Besides being a fun week, where our children could explore their aspirations and dreams, it was also an important week to promote the idea of having a good career. It’s believed that promoting a good career will help pupils understand the link between subjects, their skills, and the opportunities that can arise from that. Meaning that Aspirations Week was more about  showing our children the possibilities and helping them keep motivated towards their goal. If we can encourage children to develop these skills in their early life, then they will be in an advantaged position as they transition into secondary education and further within their education.


Our aims for our Aspirations Week were to:

Excite our pupils about their learning and how it will help them in the future.

Help our pupils create goals and aspirations.

Broaden our children’s imagination and dreams.

Motivate them with their learning.

Challenge stereotypes of different job roles and backgrounds.

Reinforce the importance of education


All children across the school took part in a variety of workshops and activities throughout the week which included visits from the Fire and Rescue Service, the Police Force, an author and illustrator, scientists - including a forensic science workshop, a florist, an ex-professional footballer, a visit to Take Over Radio Station, visits to ASDA and many more exciting things were also planned.


Enjoy looking through what our children have been getting up to during the week!

Foundation Stage

On Tuesday Nursery children enjoyed having a visit from our local Fire Service. We learnt about what fire fighters do, what we need to do in an emergency and how to keep ourselves safe. Some children tried on parts of the uniform and then we all went to see their fire engine. We looked at the different components of the van. We liked the big hose and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the flashing lights and hearing the sirens sound. They were very loud! We hope that you enjoy looking through our photos. 

F2 had a fabulous and inspirational week! We started with an inspiring dance workshop which left lots of children wanting to be dancers or dance coaches. We then had talks from policemen and firefighters. The children were really engaged and asked lots of sensible questions. They all got to try on an old fashioned police outfit and feel the weight of an old police helmet.  The children got to look around a fire engine and hear the siren. It was very loud! We had a great week which left the children inspired to be police officers and fire fighters. 

Year 1

Year 2

Year 2 had a fabulous and inspirational week. We started with our sublime science workshop which all children loved and came away with their own slime…what more could they ask for?!! We looked at a variety of different job roles and discussed which of our school values we would need to demonstrate to be good at that job and why. We then had talks from policemen and firefighters. The children were really engaged and asked lots of sensible questions. They all got to try on an old fashioned police outfit, feel the weight of current policemen vests and have a climb inside the police car. We had a great week and hope that the children are left inspired for their future job roles. 

Year 3

Year 3 had an exciting start to the week when we welcomed an author and illustrator into our classes! Our patron of reading - Gareth Baker - and his illustrator Vicky spent the morning with us helping us to design a monster and then use the monster as our inspiration for an acrostic poem.  I hope Gareth and Vicky have inspired some of our children to pursue a career in writing or illustrating.


On Friday, we visited Asda where the children explored different parts of the supermarket and got to experience being an employee - we even got to use the staff entrance! With our landyards and badges on, we headed to the shop floor to find different items to stick onto our plate of healthy food. When we had found all of the items, we headed to the checkout and had a go at scanning the items at the till and we all got a reciept to take home too! We had lots of fun experiencing working at a supermarket! 

Year 4

Year 4 had such an amazing time this week. We started by having a workshop with a children's illustrator. The children had the chance to workshop ideas for creating their own friendly monster ready for a writing workshop the following day. On Tuesday, we had a visitor come who was an ex police-officer. He spoke about what it takes to become a police officer. The children had so many questions and in the end they all got to try on his uniform! We also had our poetry writing workshop. After working with Gareth Baker, our Patron of Reading, the class wrote a short poem about their friendly monster they created the previous day. This is all going to be compiled into a book of poetry available for you all to purchase, the class are so excited for you to see them! 


On Wednesday, it rained. It rained a lot. We found this out as we took an exciting visit to Asda. Despite being absolutely drenched, the children remained upbeat and ready to take part in a fun careers workshop with some of the Asda staff. We discussed: navigating the supermarket, planning a weekly shop, healthy eating and at the end of all of that, the class even got to try out working on the tills. The class did so well that several members of the public came wanting the class to scan their items for them! 


Thursday was our most exciting day so far. We started by having a visit from a local florist who talked about what her job entails and how to properly care for flowers. The class then had a go at flower arranging and made some absolutely beautiful gifts for their family/carers. This was by far the highlight of the week. All of the children spoke about how calming and creative it was. I think we certainly inspired an interest in floristry and flower arranging in many of them. Following this, we had a workshop with two musicians who taught us plenty of raucous sea shanties and we even played the trombone! Lots of fun was had. 


We hope this has been both an inspirational and memorable week for all the children.

Year 5

We started our week with our Patron of Reading, Gareth Baker. The children thoroughly enjoyed getting to plan and create their very own story what a wonderfully creative way to start the week!

Next up, we had a science workshop and wow what great fun it was! The children really became so enthused with all the joy and excitement that science has to offer… they also loved the slime making, of course.

The music workshop was a hit! The children loved making music and had such a great opportunity to be hands on with instruments.

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Year 5 certainly do! The forensic science workshop was brilliant and a massive well done to all of you little detectives for cracking the case.

Year 5 takeover Takeover Radio on 106.9. Perhaps we have budding presenters in our midst. Having a carousel of multiple radio related activities was so much fun. Researcher? Presenter? Audio engineers and jingle makers? Year 5 can do it all.

Year 6

Year 6 kicked started aspirations week off with a visit from the Police. They asked some very insightful questions and learned about the different roles available within the force. The children got to look at and handle some of the equipment the Police use and even got to look at the Police riot van - including turning on the sirens. 

We became authors and illustrators today. We had a visit from author Gareth Baker and his illustrator, Vicky who spent the morning with us helping us to write our tall tales and create an illustration to go with it. Our stories are going to be published in a book that will go on sale before Christmas. How many children can say they will be a published author at the age of 10/11? They should be very proud of themselves! I hope Gareth and Vicky have inspired some of our children to pursue a career in writing or illustrating stories.

We have become forensic scientists this morning! We have had a great time discovering evidence and clues in the crime scene. We worked together as teams to identify the prime suspect. We have had a great time and have some budding scientists in our class! Well done everyone xx

Our super stars ⭐️ that are considering a career within the police force!

We have had a fab afternoon at SCA Take Over Radio 📻. We have designed a new logo for the station, researched the news and weather and then presented it live on air, recorded new jingles for the station and been interviewed live on air! The children all loved it and have been inspired to think about a career in radio production. Well done everyone xxx