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Year 6

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Home Learning 

Week 2 Home Learning Activities

Week 1 Home Learning Activities for Year 6

Extra Resources

Please find below a document with lots of useful links to support home learning. 


To develop your comprehension skills use

where you can work through texts, finding evidence and develop your answers checking as you go. 

Let's get moving - ways to keep active

Art activities for home learning

Children in Year 6 all have access to the following websites to support their home learning:


Thank you for your continued support.

Easter Egg Competition
Well done to everyone who entered the Key Stage 2 Easter Egg competition. Take a look at all of the fantastic entries we had.



Today, we supported Sports Relief by putting a 'sporty' twist on all our learning and by taking part in a 'Bench ball a thon' to raise funds for the charities that Sports Relief supports. We started the morning with 'Sporty Spellings' we had to throw the ball to our partner and say the letter for the spelling we were doing - we found it a bit tricky at first but got a lot better! So much so, we moved into 2 teams to do it! Over 20 of us got 10 out of 10 on our spellings - we think Mrs Marriott should let us do this every week!

We then took part in our 'Bench ball a thon' - 30 minutes continuous playing - we had so much fun. Mrs Marriott and Jo were on the look out for someone displaying our school values to win a little sports relief prize - it was a tough choice, but a massive well done to Toby who won. In the afternoon, we did active science which involved a lot of running, skipping and star jumps - it was brilliant and we had a lot of fun! 

Sports Relief

World Book Day


We had a lovely time today talking about our favourite stories and getting all crafty to create our 'Book in a Box' projects. Mrs Marriott's class had a fun filled day working together to create their master pieces.

World Book Day - A Book in a Box project

Spring 2


And the countdown begins...... SATs


This half term will see the children preparing to sit the national tests (Week beginning 11th May); our aim is for them to have the self-belief and confidence to sit the tests knowing that they have done their very best. A meeting for parent's will be being held to inform them about the tests and to answer questions you may have (a letter will be coming home soon). Children will be bringing revision homework activities and practice papers home to complete - it is vitally important that the children complete these activities as they will really boost your child's confidence and ability to cope with the demands of the tests.




Our Learning Journey topic is World War 2 and we will be exploring evacuation, The Blitz and further exploring The Holocaust. To celebrate our learning we will be having a WW2 Day on Wednesday 1st April where children will be become fully immersed in Britain in the 1940s.



Our science learning this half term will be focused on Evolution and Inheritance.



The 5th March sees us celebrate World Book Day - Year 6 have a jam packed day ahead of us. We are looking forward to 'Snuggling up with a book and sharing a million stories'.

Remember, you need to come to school in your PJs and bring your favourite book along for the day. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR PHOTOS FROM THE DAY



Dojo Reward


For reaching 10000 dojo points Mrs Marriott's class chose to have a 'Egg drop competition' - they worked in groups to create a container to protect an egg when dropped from a height. The class absolutely loved it and had a fabulous time reinforcing their containers and describing what they had done and why. We all went into the hall to test out the containers - there were a few rounds, but well done to our Egg Drop champions - Toby, Adam and Travis, whose egg survived each and every drop!

Investigating circuits



Year 6 took part in a Boot Camp activity yesterday - they were worn out by the end but they absolutely loved it! They did a warm up altogether and then spit into groups to tackle the circuit of activities. Their faces were red and sweaty and their hearts were pumping but by the time it came to an end they all wanted to do it again next week!

Spring 1

Welcome back - we hope you all had a lovely Christmas. This half term the children will be studying Macbeth in their English sessions and will get the opportunity to become a an actor/actress when we have a visit from Konflux Theatre for 'A Play in a Day'. We will continue to work on fractions, decimals and percentages in Maths.



Our Learning Journey work is World War Two and we will be learning all about how and why WW2 started, key people from the time period and the countries that were involved. We will also be researching and finding out about Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler in order to produce some cross curricular writing. Watch this space for some fantastic artwork during this half term too; we will be creating a piece of art to portray the mood and emotions of WW2 and practicing our sketching skills and techniques too. In science we will be revising and further investigating electricity and circuits. We will be learning about variables when planning an investigation and conducting an investigation as to how the length of wire affects the brightness of a bulb. 


We are delighted to welcome the new Miss Jackson (number 2)  to the Year 6 team; she will be working in Miss Jackson's classroom in the morning sessions and then with children from across the year group in the afternoons.  

Autumn 2


Welcome back to another busy half term in Year 6! 


Our English sessions will continue to focus on the novel Trash; we will finally get to find out what happens to Raphael, Gardo and Rat and our writing will be linked to our reading starting with journalistic writing.


Our Maths learning will continue with calculations – focussing on long multiplication and long division to begin with, followed by factors and multiples and ending the term by looking at fractions. Maths lessons will continue to be enriched with Fluent in Five (our arithmetic practice) 


In learning challenge we will be finishing off our Maya topic and then move onto a more science based study.


Year 6 Art


Year 6 have been looking at artwork from South and Central America - inline with their current topic The Maya Civilisation. They have been finding out about Joaquin Torres Garcia. Torres Garcia was famous for using symbols in his artworks. He made toys, paintings and sculptures.His biggest influences were the artist, Mondrian and ancient people such as the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Ancient people used symbols to tell stories and record information. Torres Garcia used this as a way of communicating his ideas too. He preferred earthy colours and used symbols from music, religion, horoscopes, traffic, technology and ancient cultures. Our children have been recreating a piece of work created by Garcia that was hugely influenced by Mondrian. They have made their artwork personal to them by creating their own symbols for things that are important to them. Watch this space for our finished masterpieces.


Year 6 Maya Day


Year 6 had a fabulous experience yesterday learning all about the Maya people from Partake History - our children were really lucky to have this experience. The children found out about Maya masks and  will be making their own, got to handle Maya artefacts, delved into the world of hot chocolate and even had a go at playing the infamous Pokatok game.

Our English Focus for this term...



In Year 6 we are reading the recommended read, TRASH, - all of our reading and writing is based on this fantastic story. We will be delving into the text and picking it apart by answering questions using the 6 main skills of readers (Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explain, Retrieve and Summarise. Our writing will focus on lots of different genres including narratives and balanced arguments.


Below is an outline of the story your children will be immersing themselves in. Please ask them questions about it at home.


Raphael is fourteen years old and living in an unnamed, third-world country in Andy Mulligan's book, Trash. He and his friend Gardo spend most of their days picking through the huge trash pile looking for everyday items and food. and Gardo know that when the trash is dumped from the wealthy part of town they will have a heyday. Most of the children in Raphael's village drop out of school to spend their day sifting through the trash to help support their families. Families see school as a waste of time when their children could be helping out in a more productive manner with the trash picking.

One day while Raphael and Gardo are going through the trash pile, they come across a bag that triggers a life-altering chain of events. An elaborate and mysterious journey begins with a message found in the bag, which reveals the government's extreme political corruption. Gardo and Raphael travel far beyond their familiar town and trash pile. With the help of teachers, priests, and social workers the young men search for answers as they attempt to do the right thing, but they are never sure whom to trust. The plot thickens and they begin to unravel the mystery and cover-up, which is more far-reaching than anything they have ever experienced.

Trash takes place where there is an extreme juxtaposition of the "haves" and the "have nots." The story is told in the alternating voices of Raphael, Gardo, and Rat. The character of Rat lives in a shelter that is buried beneath and surrounded by trash. This is a compelling story with enough plot twists to keep the reader hungry for the next clue. The politcal corruption and extreme poverty are vividly depicted by Mulligan as we follow along the journey taken by Raphael and Gardo.


Welcome to Year 6


Welcome back to the new school year. We are looking forward to going on a fantastic learning journey together. Please find below some useful information about Year 6.


The teachers in Year 6 are: Mrs Marriott and Miss Jackson.
The main adults who support teaching and learning in Year 6 are: Mrs Truman, Mrs Guest and Mrs Bloomfield



  • Maths, English and spelling homework will be sent home weekly.

  • Homework will be set on a Friday and will be due in the following Wednesday. Spellings will be given on a Monday and tested on a Friday - the children will have chance to practise their spellings every day in school as well.

  • Reading: Please try to encourage/listen to your child read at least 3 times a week


Our Learning Challenge topic for this half term is all about the Maya Civilisation and we have a very exciting Maya experience day planned for the early September.


If you have any questions about your child's time in Year 6 then please don't hesitate to come in and see us.


The Year 6 Team