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Religious Education

Welcome to our Religious Education page

Religious Education Curriculum Statement

Religious Education rationale:

Religious Education curriculum progression map:

Religious Education Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

At Priestsic Primary and Nursery School we entwine three important areas of the curriculum which all consider religions and faiths; knowing and understanding; expressing and communicating ideas; gaining and developing skills, we aim to develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of the major world faiths. Children reflect on what it means to have a faith and consider their own spiritual understanding. It is encouraged to think about the important ethical questions that are raised as a result of religions.


It is important to consider the impact that religions have on communities. We develop children’s knowledge of this by visiting places of worship, engaging in Harvest Festival by collecting food for local food banks, listening to weekly assemblies led by a vicar and participating in workshops.


Religious Education is a key opportunity for children to develop morally, spiritually, socially and culturally. In R.E., P.S.H.E. and our collective worship programme, children can reflect on their personal, and others, response to issues and consider that some people believe in a spiritual dimension. Children can consider the answers offered by faith groups to questions of meaning and purpose, problems within society and their own experiences.


British values are explored within the R.E. curriculum. These include; mutual tolerance, respectful attitudes, democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty.

Developing R.E. skills and knowledge in F2

The children celebrated Harvest Festival by bringing in non-perishable food that will be donated to a local food bank. The children learnt a song for the Harvest assembly.


We loved celebrating our diversity and individuality by having a ‘crazy hair day’.


We learnt how to drum and about African culture, giving us a greater understanding between our culture and theirs.

We celebrated Christmas jumper day! All money raised was sent to Save the Children. We all enjoyed participating in the Nativity play.

Year One visited St Mary of Magdalene church. They learnt a lot about the different artefacts and Christianity as a faith.



Foundation stage thoroughly enjoyed sampling pancakes. We created a pancake café where children counted out money to buy one.

Foundation Stage and Key Stage One took part in an Easter bonnet competition.

Key Stage Two entered an Easter egg competition, some great decorated eggs!

Year Five used to create commemorative poppies to celebrate the end of World War One.

Year 5 created some fantastic Rangoli patterns.