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History at Priestsic


Welcome to our history curriculum page, please find below our subject rationale. 

At Priestsic, we realise that to understand the present we must first understand the past and learn from it. In Foundation, we enjoy learning about ourselves and our own history to understand our life’s journey so far. As we progress into KS1, we analyse our local history as well as learning about significant events and people from the past. In KS2, we begin to study a variety of civilisations and cultures across history including The Romans, Vikings and Germany during WW2. Debate and forming our own opinions is at the heart of all of our learning. Please keep checking back on this page to stay updated on all things history at Priestsic.

A Showcase of our Learning! (2022-23)


This year, we have been learning all sorts in our history curriculum! In Year 6, we have been learning about WW2, the axis and the allies, as well as how people were kept safe during The Blitz. Year 5 have looked at the spread of the Anglo Saxons and Vikings across Britain. In Year 4, we have studied Ancient Greece and Rome along with myths from these cultures. The whole school have worked so hard to develop their critical, cultural and chronological understanding of history. You can see some glorious examples of our history learning across the school below.