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History at Priestsic


Welcome to our history curriculum page, please find below our subject rationale. 

At Priestsic, we realise that to understand the present we must first understand the past and learn from it. In Foundation, we enjoy learning about ourselves and our own history to understand our life’s journey so far. As we progress into KS1, we analyse our local history as well as learning about significant events and people from the past. In KS2, we begin to study a variety of civilisations and cultures across history including The Romans, Vikings and Germany during WW2. Debate and forming our own opinions is at the heart of all of our learning. Please keep checking back on this page to stay updated on all things history at Priestsic.

Fire Fire!

Year 2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We have been lucky enough to take part in a drama theatre workshop where we were fully immersed into the events surrounding the fire. We have written diary entries and reports and compared old London to to the London we know today. 

Getting stylish with the Egyptians!

Still image for this video
In Year 5, we have been learning all about Ancient Egyptian society, including how they dressed and wore makeup. We've scripted, filmed and created fashion tutorial videos to demonstrate our learning and so you can feel ready for the runways of Giza and Cairo! Enjoy!

KS1 History

Foundation 1 created a poppy window display to show that 'We remember'.

Roman Day in Year 4!


What an amazing day we had learning all about the Romans in Year 4. We had the opportunity to look at Roman artefacts as well as trying some of them on! We also learned all about Roman tactics and formations and we had the chance to march in the ‘turtle’ formation, I think Ms Grant and Mr Toms were terrified! 


Later that day we discovered the tale of Boudicca and recreated some Celtic jewellery. The patterns were tricky but we tried our best! We finished by playing three games from the Roman times; Liar’s Dice, Ludus Latrunculorum and Knucklebones. All three required a lot of skill but we definitely had some champions in the class! 

Year 1 have been learning about old and new toys and have created a non-fiction text about them. We had lots of fun playing with the old toys and found out how they were made of wood and were very different to the toys we have today. 

To help us in Year 1 learn about what it was like to be a child in the past we transformed our classroom into an old fashioned classroom. We found out that if you went to school in the past you might  sit in rows, copying writing, recite the times table. We also learnt that you might have your hands and nails checked to see if they were clean. It was great fun!

Remembrance Day

We  thought about everyone who fought, sacrificed and died in a war that ended  over 100 years ago and those who gave their lives in other wars too. We  hope that by remembering these tragic events, never again shall they return.  


We  created a whole school  memorial to mark  the anniversary of World War 1.


“When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we  gave  our today.”

Developing knowledge of the world around us - F2