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History at Priestsic

At Priestsic, we realise that to understand the present we must first understand the past and learn from them. In Foundation we enjoy learning about ourselves and our own history to understand our lifes journey so far. As we progress into KS1 we analyse our local history as well as analysing significant events and people from the past. In KS2 we begin to study a variety of civilisations and cultures across history including The Romans, Vikings and Germany during WW2. Please keep checking back on this page to stay updated on all things history at Priestsic.

Roman Day in Year 4!


What an amazing day we had learning all about the Romans in Year 4. We had the opportunity to look at Roman artefacts as well as trying some of them on! We also learned all about Roman tactics and formations and we had the chance to march in the ‘turtle’ formation, I think Ms Grant and Mr Toms were terrified! 


Later that day we discovered the tale of Boudicca and recreated some Celtic jewellery. The patterns were tricky but we tried our best! We finished by playing three games from the Roman times; Liar’s Dice, Ludus Latrunculorum and Knucklebones. All three required a lot of skill but we definitely had some champions in the class! 

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Year 1 have been learning about old and new toys and have created a non-fiction text about them.

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To help Year 1 learn about what it was like as a child in Victorian times they transformed their modern classroom into a Victorian classroom. Children participated in sitting in lines, copying writing, reciting the times table, chanting, learning what forms of punishment were implemented and having their hands and nails checked to be clean. It was great fun!

Remembrance Day

We  thought about everyone who fought, sacrificed and died in a war that ended 100 years ago and other wars. We  hope that by remembering these tragic events, never again shall they return.  


We  created a whole school  memorial to mark  the centenary anniversary of World War 1.


“When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we  gav our today.”

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VR Day in Year 4!


In Year 4, we  had a  visitor bringing with him his VR technology. Throug the headsets, we   wer able to explore the historical world of the Romans. We  transported ourselves through  time to a Roman town, a coliseum and even into the middle of battlefield! The class loved it and so did us teachers!  

Year 6 Maya Day


Year 6 had a fabulous experience yesterday learning all about the Maya people from Dr Davies. Dr Davies is the only Maya archaeologist in the UK so our children were really lucky to have this experience. The children found out about Maya masks and made their own, got to handle Maya artefacts, found out all about Dr Davies’ archaeological digs in the rainforest and even made their own Maya calendar.