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Computing at Priestsic

At    Priestsic, we  equip our children with the skills to  be computer  literate by the time they leave   us. We   do   this by entwining the three strands of computing; computer science, information  technology and digital literacy, throughout our curriculum. We   aim for all children to  have   the skills needed to  become active   citizens of a  digital world.


In  Foundation   and Key Stage 1, children ar taught to   create simple programs, with plugged in and unplugged devices, and debug them when errors   arise, understand simple algorithms and can use technology safely and respectfully. We  teach our children about being safe  online in an ever-growing online world.


In   Key Stage 2, children build on  their  skills by designing, writing and debugging programs that accomplish a   set goal. They develop   an understanding of computer networks, both locally, accessing and saving files, and worldwide using the internet. Children are    taught to use the internet safely, to  research topics and evaluate the effectiveness of digital content. Throughout the wider curriculum, children have    the opportunity to present their work     using range    of programs.

Key stage 2 were visited by our local PCSO to learn about online safety.

Key stage 2 were visited by our local PCSO to learn about online safety.  1

Spring Term - Year 5

Year 5 have started exploring the new Scratch 3 programme making sprites talk to each other and ask a question to the user! We even explored the new translate feature talking to each other in different languages. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Prime VR worked with Years 4 and 5 to  demonstrate how virtual reality can bring the curriculum to life.


Picture 1