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Year 2

Spring 1

As we start the new year, we discover how important animals are. We explore why people have pets and which types of animals are our most popular pets. We then begin to reason why this might be, considering the classification of animals. We explore what makes a good pet and then find out how to care for them. We will be meeting people whose job it is to take care of animals and learn about their jobs.

In art, we will be exploring how animals are represented in art. We will be exploring a range of ideas, styles and  techniques and doing our own representations in a range of media including water colours and clay. 

We will be reading a variety of texts, both fiction, non-fiction and poetry, to find out how animals are also represented in stories.

Here are a few of the key texts we will explore:


We love reading!

Welcome to Year 2!

It is lovely to see all of the children back in school and ready to learn. Please find below our Curriculum overview for this academic year, alongside our "Welcome to Year 2" Letter and information to support your child with reading at home.

We also have a list of 50 books we recommend the children read during their time in Year 2. Please mark them off as you share them. Who will be the first to read them all?

Supporting your child with Maths- Multiplication and Division

Autumn 2

Welcome back to Autumn Term Year 2! This half term we have got lots of exciting learning planned linked to the Great Fire of London!! We will be answering the question: Does everyone in London live like the Queen?

As well as comparing London at the time of the Great Fire with modern day London.

We will use this knowledge to support our science learning about materials, their properties and uses.


We will also be carrying out lots of Maths learning related to addition and subtraction and money.

Autumn 2- Does everyone in London live like the Queen?


We have been listening and appraising the Christmas song 'Ho, Ho, Ho' by Joanna Mangona and Jane Sebba .  We've had fun adding instruments to the song and we are going to add some sign language.

The Great Fire of London (Audio)


We have been finding out about different materials, including: plastic, metal, glass, fabric, wood and paper.  We have sorted them into groups and discussed their properties, using words like: rigid, waterproof, absorbent, transparent and opaque.

October Half Term

Well done this half term everyone. Please find below the learning we have sent home with the children to help the practice the skills they have learnt this half term and consolidate their learning. 

Phonic Screening Check

Please find below the letter about this year's phonic screening check which will take place in the Autumn Term.

Here is our Year 2 curriculum for the year. There's lots of exciting learning to be done!

Autumn 1

What a fantastic start to Year 2 we've made!

We have explored the question; Why is Planet Earth our home?' To find out, in Science we explore what humans and plants needed to survive to see if we could live any where else. We explored the earth and its features and wrote reports about our findings in Geography. 

In History we found out about the first moon landing and why it was significant. We thought about how we knew about the first moon landing and explored what an 'eye witness' was. In art, we have been consolidating our knowledge of colour mixing using water colours. We have also explore the printing techniques used by artist Carol Lander. Have a look at our art work. We think it looks great!

We have used our continuous provision well to deepen and consolidate our learning.  Here are some of the ways...

Our Classrooms

Our Space Learning Journey

Our core text for Autumn 1 is The Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram. It is one of our Year 2 Recommended Reads too! We are also exploring other books written by Simon Bartram.

Here we are!

Presentation Rainbow Final.mp4

Still image for this video

Home Learning in Year 2

Summer Term

Please find the home learning pack in the dated files below.

Our previous home learning:


Draw the hands on a clock to show the time and write the time in words

Pack of home learning that has been sent home to support the children with learning over the next two weeks.

Below is a document that includes words that children should be able to spell by the end of year 2 to practice and use in sentences.

Art activities for home learning

Useful websites for children to access when learning away from school.
Please find below some ideas for ways to keep active while at home. 

List of useful websites for remote learning

Let's get moving with Joe Wicks every Monday to Friday at 9:00 a.m.


Well done to the winners of our Easter bonnet competition.

2LF- Alex Wood

2CH/LB- Hannah Halliwell

We love reading! How many of our Year 2 Recommended Reads have you read so far?

Spring Term Two


Should we really want the rain to go away?


We are exploring how water is necessary for life. We are investigating how the climate and its extremes can support or endanger life. We are finding out about where we live and comparing it to a place in Kenya through exploration of the text ‘Lila and the Secret of Rain’. We will be finding similarities and differences and using geographical vocabulary to explain our findings.  We will be finding out about the culture of Kenya by exploring African music, art and dance. We will explore the different animals that live in Africa and how they survive in the hot climate. We will find out what they eat, as we learn about food chains.

We will be exploring the work of the charity WaterAid. We will plan and organise a fundraising event to raise money to support the work of WaterAid in Africa.

Spring One


Why do humans have pets?



As we start the new year, we discover how important animals are and how they live in different habitats. We explore why people have pets and which type of animals are the most popular pet. We then begin to reason why by looking at the classification of animals. We explore which animals make the best pets and how to take care of them. We will be making some pet homes for our role play areas. Animals will then inspire the art work that we produce.

We will then  learn about the life cycle of animals by looking after some eggs for a couple of weeks. We will be looking closely to see what hatches!



We had a very exciting visit from a vet and her pet tortoise.

Autumn Term Two


Does everyone in London live like the Queen?


We look back in time to explore the Great Fire of London. We find out about the causes and consequences of the fire and the changes it brought about.

We take on the role of architects to explore how London has changed over time. We also find out how the architecture (and the architects) have changed over time. We find out what it is like to live in a big city today and about the famous people who live there, the most famous of all being the Queen.

During this term we learn about the people who haven't got a home and about the issue of homelessness.  We raise money for charity to help people who haven't got  a place to live.

Autumn Term  One 


We have had a great start to our life in Year Two! The children have settled in well and are relishing the challenge of Year 2!


Through our exciting curriculum we are exploring Earth and the places beyond and want to find out...


Why do we call Planet Earth home?


At the start of a new year, we learn about our Earth and whether it is the only (and best) place to live. To encourage aspiration, we learn about famous people who weren’t satisfied with staying where they were.  We explore our world and the world beyond, inspired by the explorers who discovered it, both real and fictional. We learn the characteristics that all these explorers have. We investigate how great explored travelled and see if we could emulate them (with the help of our STEM Ambassadors)

We explore whether we have to live on Earth or whether we could live on the moon, investigating conditions for life. We then learn about our place in the world, developing a wider knowledge of it; and how important it is to look after it responsibly if we can’t live on any other planets.

We focus on the impact of litter in our environment and take photos of it. After reading about how Bob keeps the moon clean, we suggest solutions to the litter in our local area. Here, we learn that we should look after our world and not take it for granted and that we should appreciate what we’ve got and take good care of it.


In English, we began our cosmic learning adventure by reading about Bob, the man on the moon.