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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 2021/22!

Welcome to our Year 2 page. Here you will find all the fabulous learning that our wonderful Year 2 pupils have been doing. We add our learning updates regularly so please do keep popping by to see what we have been learning about.

For further information about our curriculum, please see our curriculum overview for this academic year, alongside our "Welcome to Year 2" Letter and information to support your child with reading at home. You can also find further information about our school curriculum in the curriculum section of the website. 

We also have a list of 50 books we recommend the children read during their time in Year 2. Please mark them off as you share them. Who will be the first to read them all?

Here is our Year 2 curriculum for the year. There's lots of exciting learning to be done!

Spring 2 - Would you go down to the Woods today?


This half term we are answering the question...'Would you go down to the woods today?' We will be exploring our core text 'Little Evie in the Wild Wood' and learning about the way wolves are portrayed in stories. We will be using the setting of the story as a starting point to learn more about the countryside and what it is like there. We will compare this to other places we have learnt about, thinking what is the same and what is different? In Science we will explore different micro-habitats and what species live there. In art we will be using different resources to create our art work using the British countryside as our inspiration. We will then be able to give an expert opinion of whether we should go down to the woods!

Our Core text this half term is:



Spring 1 - Why do humans have pets?


As we start the new year, we discover how important animals are. We explore why people have pets and which types of animals are our most popular pets. We will then begin to reason why this may be, considering the classification of animals. We explore what makes a good pet and find out how to care for them. We will be speaking to people whose job it is to take care of animals and learn about their jobs. In art, we will be exploring how animals are represented - discovering a range of ideas, styles and techniques leading to us producing work of our own using a range of media such as water colours and clay. 


We will be reading a variety of texts, both fiction and non-fiction and poetry all linked to animals and how they can be represented. 


The main text we will be exploring in English is 'Six Dinner Sid' by our star author this half term, Inga Moore.



Autumn Two - Does everyone in London live like the Queen?

Welcome back to Autumn Term Year 2! This half term we have got lots of exciting learning planned linked to the Great Fire of London - starting with our very own theatre experience! We will be answering the question: Does everyone in London live like the Queen? We will be comparing London at the time of the Great Fire with modern day London. We will use this knowledge to support our science learning about materials, their properties and uses as well as exploring sketching techniques, tints and shades in Art. We will also be carrying out lots of Maths learning related to addition and subtraction and money.

Fire Fire!

We had a fantastic time retelling the events from the Great Fire of London. We had our very own Thomas Farynor, King Charles II and Samuel Pepys. We were firefighters, rats and town people exploring the story through drama and music. 

PSHRE - Kindness Week

In Year 2 we have been reading the book called ‘Kindness grows’ by Britta Teckentrup. We have explored the language and images used in the book and had lots of discussions around how our actions make other people feel. We wrote down all the things we can do to be kind to each other and have worked hard on demonstrating them in school. Lots of children commented that when they received a kind gesture or action it made them feel happy. We discussed how kindness links into our other school values and made a list of all the things we need to be a kind friend. We then used our colour mixing skills to create a background for our mugs and wrote a kindness recipe.

The Great Fire of London (Audio)

Autumn One - Why is Planet Earth our home?

At the start of a new year, we learn about our Earth and whether it is the only (and best) place to live. To encourage aspiration, we learn about famous people who weren’t satisfied with staying where they were.  We explore our world and the world beyond, inspired by the explorers who discovered it, both real and fictional. We learn the characteristics that all these explorers have. We investigate how great explored travelled and see if we could emulate them.

We explore whether we have to live on Earth or whether we could live on the moon, investigating conditions for life. We then learn about our place in the world, developing a wider knowledge of it; and how important it is to look after it responsibly if we can’t live on any other planets.

Our Learning this half term

Supporting your child with Maths- Multiplication and Division

Below is a document that includes words that children should be able to spell by the end of year 2 to practice and use in sentences.