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Physical Education

Welcome to our Physical Education page!

Here is our P.E. Rationale

Please find below our Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact statement for P.E.

Please find our PE overview for 2021-22 below.

Here is our progression map for P.E.

Physical Education at Priestsic


At Priestsic, we value Physical Education. We want them to have no limits to their aspirations, and grow up wanting to be personal trainers, nutritionists, sports journalist or gold medal winners! We enable our pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports both their mental, and physical health and fitness and wellbeing. We encourage positive and inclusive participation in physical education, which will enable children to build self-esteem, team work skills, and positive values and attitudes in P.E. and across the curriculum.


Our PE curriculum has been carefully built and the learning opportunities and assessment milestones for each year group crafted to ensure progression and repetition in terms of embedding key learning, vocabulary, knowledge and skills. In addition to this we provide specialist swimming teaching to pupils in Years 4.


In order to instil a passion within our children for keeping active, we also offer a range of extra-curricular clubs throughout the school year.

PE at Priestsic - Summer 1


Here is a taste of PE for each year group at Priestsic. 




Year 1 - Started to explore and discover how a rugby ball works and how we use it. They learned skills such as using two hands, passing backwards and catching correctly.


Year 2 - Discovered how a rugby ball works and how to use it, and take that information and begin to work towards team passing and working together. They also began to look at tagging within game situations. 


Year 3 – Began to look at how to play a game of rugby. They did this through learning skills such as passing backwards as a team and starting to look at tagging within the game. Year 3 also started to look at getting past defenders within the game. 


Year 4 - Worked towards playing rugby with an emphasis on speed and effort. They learned important rugby knowledge including passing and moving as a team quickly, with an aim of finding ways of getting past defenders and playing quickly. 


Year 5 - Started to make their own choices as a team to use their passing and moving skills to beat defenders and looking at small sided games. They also discussed plans and outcomes of attacking moves. 


Year 6 – Focused on working as a team within game situations. They made a variety of detailed decisions and plans in order to use their speed and skills to get past teams of defenders, not just singular ones. Year 6 also looked at larger games of rugby. 



Year 1 – Began to demonstrate clear understanding of counting to the beat of the music in order to help with the timing of their moves. They recognise how to build movements to create a sequence and can do so confidently.


Year 2 – Started to confidently create a routine to a series of steps and movements as well as understanding the three levels and how to incorporate speed to further challenge their knowledge.


Year 3 – As a year group, they can perform levels and speed to a high standard. They also recognise how to bring emotion into a dance and how that can link towards building their performances.


Year 4 – Learned how to work well as a group, creating a sequence, rehearsing it in counts and using this in performances.


Year 5 – Demonstrate a sequence and understand how to create a motif in dance. Furthermore, they can build cannons in small groups or as a whole class.

Year 6 – Confidence and a positive attitude to dance has been built through demonstrating skills of creating a theme around a topical dance.

Year 3 Next Level Sports Athletics Competition


Our wonderful relationship with Next Level Sport has given us the fantastic opportunity to compete in an Athletics competition between other schools. This competition was run at Priestsic with the help of our own fantastic Next Level Sports coaches, Mr West and Miss Johal. Here are some snaps of the day. Well done to all the children that took part! 

****MTFC football coaching and sponsored penalty shootout**** As a whole school, we undertook football coaching and a penalty shootout session with MTFC to raise money for the Community Scheme and for our school. It was lots of fun! Some of us won prizes for our efforts and we raised lots of money too!

Developing our physical skills in F2