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Year 5

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Home Learning

Please find below the home-learning for this week. There are a variety of activities to include the multiple aspects of learning we would be covering in our curriculum under normal circumstances. The Home-Learning Project gives some suggestions for some generic activities you could complete throughout the week linking to elements of the wider curriculum, whereas the English and Maths is more structured and is designed to enable your child to keep up with their learning. The Maths is focused on progressing through the curriculum, following White Rose, as we do in school supported a resources from a range of sources, whereas the English is building on reading skills, using the supplied reading comprehensions and the Rising Stars Cracking Comprehension website.  The grammar is building on the children's knowledge of topics already covered and chances to  develop these skills into their writing, where they have a variety of tasks to complete which cover a range of genres. 


This should be in addition to and not to replace your already existing schedule, so please carry on with your TTRockstars practising times tables; Active Learn where you can practice grammar; Joe Wicks P.E - keeping fit and active; where you can develop programming skills; and some of the other activities you have already been completing. Aim to incorporate these packs into your weekly routine. The English and Maths is designed to be worked on daily, as we would do in-class. 

As mentioned, this is designed to last the week, so please don't feel pressured to complete it all at once. We would love to see examples of great work, so keep posting on Class Dojo Portfolios. Finally, should anyone have any questions, feel free to get in touch with Mr Bird or Miss Green.

Home Learning Support Ideas

Please find a selection of websites and useful documents with lots of creative, exciting and fun ideas to do at home. 

Children in Year 5 all have access to the following websites to support their home learning:


Each website requires an individual log in, if you have any problems please contact Mr Bird. 

The STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) website has lots of fantastic, fun, creative ideas that can be used with children. 

Link to BBC Live Lessons where they have a range of fantastic lessons taught by a range of fantastic guests.
I have come across a really useful website called 'Natural Curriculum' for teaching Year 5 grammar. 

Music Theory Booklet

Please find below some ideas for ways to keep active while at home. 

Every morning at 9:00am, Joe Wicks is doing a 30 minute P.E session on his youtube channel. 

Art activities for home learning

Summer 1

 This half term we will be exploring the true story of Philippe Petit, through 'The Man Who Walked Between The Towers' by Mordicai Gerstein, discovering his real life exploits. We will create newspaper reports about his exciting stunts, write flashbacks to earlier in his life and develop our understanding of direct and reported speech.  Our scientific learning will be focused on a key concept in physics; exploring forces, and their impact upon the world around us, which will link to the story, giving our new knowledge real life application. We will investigate to see how forces link to our everyday lives by designing, conducting and evaluating experiments to measure their impact upon us. We will apply this to understand the concepts of friction, gravity, air and water resistance, linking this to Isaac Newton’s findings.

We will research Minoru Yamasaki, who designed the famous Twin Towers in New York City, the design and construction process, especially the use of gears, levers and pulleys to support the construction. We will design a machine using gears, levers or pulleys to help with home tasks.   

Easter Egg Competition
Well done to everyone who entered the Key Stage 2 Easter Egg competition. Take a look at all of the fantastic entries we had. 
Home Learning - Spring Term
Please find below a document with lots of useful links to support home learning. 
Please find links below to the home learning tasks sent home this week to support your child's education over the next two weeks. Remember to access TTRockstars, and  

Home Learning

Children in Year 5 all have access to the following websites to support their home learning:


Thank you for your continued support. 


Walesby April 2020 Information
Please have a look through the information PowerPoint for the upcoming Walesby residential. 

Spring 2


This half term we are continuing to explore the Anglo Saxon and Viking time period through our new English text; Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo. We will be developing our narrative writing this half term, building detailed descriptions based on the story. In Maths, we will be continuing to explore fractions, finding the links between fractions, decimals and percentages. 


Our Learning Journey will lead us to explore different life-cycles. We will identify the different parts of a flower, what they do and see what flora (plants) and fauna (animals) we can identify in our local area, comparing different life-cycles of birds, insects, mammals and amphibians. We will apply what we learnt in Computing last half term, to create a Viking raiding game to share and play with our friends. 


We have been visited by the NSPCC this half term to learn about staying safe, following the theme of Speak out. Stay safe. 


We have been visited by a representative from CA Technologies who spoke with the children about how technology has changed over the years, and how important it is for industry and businesses in the future. We created our own example business designing robots, thinking how technology impacts every part of the business. 

World Book Day


For World Book Day 2020 we explored the story Evie and the Animals by Matt Haig. 



Spring 2 Key Text

Spring 1


During this term, we will be studying one of the classics, The Lady of Shalott, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson in our English lessons, looking at how the English language has changed over time, making links with words from the past and modern day language. We will explore the themes of freedom and own choice, through the text by holding debates and writing letters to the Lady of Shalott persuading her to either stay in the tower, or look out of the window and risk the curse that has been cast upon her. In Maths we will be learning about multiplication and division, then building on this to explore fractions. 


Our Learning Journey work this term is exploring key periods of British history, between 450 AD and 1066 AD, which are the Anglo Saxon and Viking time periods. We will compare the two key periods, looking at similarities and differences between the two sets of people; looking at where they came from; how and why they travelled to England; what evidence they left behind  and what their settlements and lives were like. We will create our own Anglo Saxon coin purse, first researching Anglo Saxon coin purses, comparing modern day purses, designing our own then evaluating our products. We will create our own maze games using Scratch, learning about creating algorithms , including variables, such as adding a score. 


Anglo Saxon Purses

We designed, wrote a product specification, created and evaluated our own Anglo Saxon purses. We practiced three different types of stitches before deciding which would be the most appropriate. 

Maths Competition 

This half term, Year 5 took part in a maths competition run by Sutton Community Academy. We worked well together as a team and applied our maths knowledge. 

Autumn Overview Video


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Autumn 2

During Autumn 2, Year 5 have explored the mountains of our country, and around the world. We have an understanding of how different mountains are formed, the highest peaks around the world and used our geographical skills to map the worlds mountains. We undertook an in-depth study  of Junko Tabei, the first woman to climb to the peak of Mount Everest. 


In our English lessons, we studied the text, 'Journey to Jo'burg' by Beverley Naidoo, which helped us discuss apartheid, democracy, equality and right and wrong. We developed an understanding of the characters in the story, understanding their thoughts, feelings and actions through our own empathy. We created letters from the characters, acted out, and wrote dialogue, developed descriptions, and wrote a diary, all of which developed our own writing styles and understanding of the key characters. We gained an understanding of a different culture and compared the children's lives to our own. 


In maths, we have learnt how to multiply and divide numbers by 10, 100 and 1000, learnt the terms square, cube, prime and composite numbers and applied these to problems. We worked out the area and perimeter of rectangular, and irregular shapes. 



Key texts for Autumn 2

Autumn 1

This half term, Year 5 have been busy exploring our Solar System. We have used the book, Leon and the Place Between to create character descriptions, a diary, setting descriptions and learnt how to punctuate speech correctly.

During our science lessons, we have used VR technology to explore space, looking closer at the planets. We conducted our own experiment, investigating the link between crater size, and height the projectiles were dropped from. To round off our learning on space, we created our own non chronological reports. 
To learn about programming, we have used to develop our problem solving skills, applying computing concepts to challenges. To make our lessons have a real world focus, crumble boards were introduced, where the children can create code, and see a real life application for their code. 

We had a fantastic time rehearsing our Play for a Day learning about space, and then performing it to a packed audience in the hall. 

Welcome to Year 5 2019/20


Mr Bird and Miss Green would like to welcome our new classes to Year 5. We are really excited to work with you all. 


During Autumn 1, we will be exploring Space through our novel Leon and the Place Between, where we will create setting and character descriptions, write a diary from Leon’s point of view and create our own version of the story. We will link our learning of the solar system to our English learning by writing a non chronological report about our solar system using independent research. We will end the half term by exploring poetry by Kit Wright, with a focus on his poem, The Magic Box. 


During our science lessons we will explore our solar system, with a focus on how the planets move (orbits), night and day and their shape, size and composition. We will make a scale model and use Google Expeditions on the ipad to explore space ourselves. When learning about the moon, we will explore the space race and key people from history using the book Hidden Figures. At the end of the half term, Year 5 will share their findings with Year 2.


In  maths this half term, we  will be exploring place value, addition and subtraction, through active maths, and using using concrete, abstract and pictoral methods. 


Year 5 conducted an experiment outside to measure how much water resistance different shapes created. 
As part of our Vikings topic, we created our own Viking shields linking to what was important to us. 
During R.E, Year 5 have created a design for our own Rangoli patterns. 
Year 5 are studying The Nowhere Emporium in Summer 2, which links to our new topic of Forces. We will be conducting lots of experiments so keep checking back to see what we have been doing. 
Here are some web links to support maths in Year 5 that we use in school. 
Year 5 have been practising our understanding of past tense by working together to answer questions on past progressive
Year 5 had a fantastic time at Walesby, despite the adverse weather. We learnt about helping each other and working as a team to complete our activities. We took part in archery, supported each other in attempting the zip line and worked collaboratively to create the tallest crate stacks we could. Our competitive sides came out as we raced around the low rope course to see who could complete it the quickest. 
Next half term, in Summer 1 we will be studying The Man Who Walked Between The Towers. 

Spring Term


Spring Term in Year 5 was a busy one. During Learning Challenge we explored Rainforests, with a focus on the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. We discovered where tropical rainforests are located and their different layers. We researched endangered animals that live in rainforests, what is causing them to become endangered and used this research to present our own news reports on deforestation using green screens. during the topic, we designed our own shelters thinking about what natural resources we could utilise and what dangers we might face. We put everything that we had learnt together to create a persuasive leaflet. In our art sessions, we worked together to recreate Tiger in a Tropical Storm.


During English this half term we have studied Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo. We developed our descriptions of settings throughout the story, characters and did drama to develop our dialogue between characters. We retold our own version of the story working hard to develop our language choices to make it entertaining.  After studying Beowulf we got creative and wrote our own kennings poems. 

Year 5 launched our new topic with a visit to Perlethorpe to meet Magnus the Viking. We explored his setlement, created flour from grain, jewellery from strips of metal and played traditional games. We learnt about team work when we created our own Viking shelters, thinking carefully about where to place sleeping areas, cooking areas and other areas linking to Viking shelters. 

Learning Challenge - Art 

As part of our learning challenge curriculum Year 5 have been studying the work of Henri Rousseau and worked together to recreate his artwork Tiger in a Tropical Storm. 

For World Book Day 2019, Year 5 read Black Dog by Levi Pinfold. We explored the story, characters and themes of the book in depth while thinking about our own thoughts and fears. While reading, we discussed why the dog grew each time a member of the family saw it, and why the youngest member of the family was able to conquer the unknown. We created our own black dog masks to represent the character. Following on next lesson, we designed our own representation of our fears and described them. 
Year 5 have been practising using relative clauses in an active grammar session creating sentences using a range of determiners, noun phrases, relative clause and clauses. 

Spring 2


In Spring 2 Year 5 will study Beowulf as our key text linking to our topic of Vikings, and for World Book Day we will explore Black Dog by Levi Pinfold. 

To launch our new Learning Challenge topic, Why are the rainforests important to us all?, we had a visit from ZooLab who brought a range of animals from the rainforest. 

Spring 1

This half term we have discovered if the Anglo Saxons really were smashing. We learnt about the ancient Anglo Saxon kingdoms, where they came from and why they came to England. During our investigation, we discovered what clues there are to the way that they lived; the link to modern days of the week, historical artefacts such as brooches and their conversion to Christianity. We researched famous Anglo Saxons and created biographies about theirs lives. During the topic, we had the chance to be creative and we made our own Anglo Saxon brooch and houses. 


Our English focus books this half term were Clockwork by Phillip Pullman and Lady of Shalott by Lord Tennyson. During clockwork we explored the characters in the story, designed our own clockwork figures and made them out of clay. We wrote diaries from a characters point of view and wrote newspapers about an event from the story. During our study of Lady of Shalott we explored the authors langauge with how it impacts upon the reader. We made predictions about what would happen in the story and wrote our own flashbacks as to how the Lady of Shalott was cursed. 

Spring 1


This half term, our focus English books are Clockwork by Phillip Pullman and The Lady of Shalott by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.


Our next Learning Challenge topic is ‘Were the Anglo Saxons really smashing?’   



Autumn 2


This half term, Year 5 have been very busy. In English, we studied our key text, Journey to Jo’burg, which we all really enjoyed. We created lots of interesting descriptions based on characters and different settings. We wrote letters between different characters and answered in depth questions based on what we had read during our daily reading sessions. We have learnt how to punctuate speech and acted out our parts. We finished the half term by writing our own versions of A Journey to …


In Learning Challenge, we learnt about Ancient Egypt, completing an in depth study of all aspects of Egyptian life. We had a visit from Cleopatra, wrote detailed instructions for mummification and completed our own non chronological report after individual research as well as exploring how we know so much about ancient cultures.  


Year 5 learnt some valuable skills in drawing and developing a growth mind set from  their workshop  with DoodleBug art. They all created their own  version of Gromit from Wallace and Gromit.

Mr Bird’s  class have  competed in a  maths competition  ran by Sutton  Community Academy. They did fantastic! We are excited to see how Miss Carter’s class do next  week to see which group will move  on  to  the next  stage  of the competition.



During our Learning Challenge  topic, How can we  rediscover the wonders of Ancient Egypt, we  have  created timelines and discovered how we  know so much about ancient times by looking at the diary of Howard  Carter. To  learn  about mummification, we  were  visited by Cleopatra  and mummified our own slices of apple. This helped us to write our own instructions of how to mummify a  pharaoh. We  have  used hieroglyphs to create bookmarks with our names on, and written messages on  woven paper.


Year 5 returned to Sutton Academy to finish learning about Bunsen burners. We  measured copper sulphate and evaporated it over a flame. We  had to be careful because it got really hot! When the liquid dissolved, we  described what the crystals looked like. The crystals that were formed without heating were  bigger as they had longer to form.

Year 5 had an enchanting visit from Cleopatra from Ancient Egypt. During the day we discovered how mummification  took  place, built a  pyramid, made papyrus and wrote a message. In the afternoon, we played an ancient game called Mancala, and learnt how to use a  whip and top.

Year 5 visited Sutton Community Academy to experience science. They learnt how to use Bunsen burners  and experimented with the four different flames. They had a brilliant time and can’t  wait to go back!


Year 5 have used to create commemorative poppies to celebrate the centenary of the end of World War 1.

 Autumn 2  


This half  term  in Learning Challenge  we will be exploring Ancient Egypt, answering the question; ‘How can we  rediscover the wonders of Ancient Egypt?’ and lifecycles through  the question  ‘Do all animals hatch from an egg?’.


In  maths this half term  we  will be developing our fluency in multiplication and division. We  will look  at the formal written methods and develop mental strategies. After that, we  will look  at area and perimeter by investigating how to calculate both measurements of various rectangular shapes.


In  English, we  are  studying the book, Journey to Jo’Burg and linking this to poetry S is for South Africa. We  will be writing letters  to characters  in the story, and creating persuasive  arguments about some of the themes from  the story. We  will also make links to our Ancient Egypt topic, by writing instructions for mummification.

Autumn 1 Overview


This half term  we  have  explored our English focus book, Leon and the Place Between, which linked to our Learning challenge  topic, ‘Will we ever send another human to the moon?’. During our English topic, we  worked on developing language  choices through  describing characters  and settings from the story. We  performed role plays as characters  and developed dialogue from this.


For National Poetry Day 2018, we  explored the theme of change  by reading Chameleon   Kids by Matt Goodfellow. We  read the poem closely discussing how the poem made us feel, the themes of the poem and how we  are  all unique. The children wrote their own  version of the poem celebrating what makes them unique.


The Magic Box, by Kit Wright was our last English focus of this half term. We  explored the poem in detail and analysed the authors  language  choices. For our final piece we  created our own versions of the poem, placing inside the box, things that were  magical and interesting to us.


In  maths, we  started the year by looking at place value. We  hav ordered and compared numbers up to one million, counted forwards and backwards with different steps of numbers including negative  numbers and learnt to read and write Roman numerals up to thousands. We  hav enjoyed using Active Maths to consolidate our learning.


Following o from  place value, we  looked at addition and subtraction. We improved our fluency using the formal written methods with increasingly larg numbers, as well developing mental strategies. We  used our reasoning and problem solving skills to develo deeper understanding of the operations and solv multistep problems.


During Learning Challenge  lessons, we  learnt about the phases of the moon, why we  have  day and night and about our Solar System. Children researched other planets within our Solar System, and questioned if we  could survive  on  any other planet. During linking English and Learning Challenge lessons, children conducted detailed research, making notes and then created a  non chronological report  about space.

Have  a  look  at some of our work  from  this half  term .

We   created our own   galaxies by designing our own   planets using pastels and crayons. Then we   used paint to create texture   and the effect of stars.

Today Prime VR worked with Year 5 to explore  space and Ancient Egypt giving the children the chance explore  the planets of our solar system and then land in Ancient Egypt, exploring the tomb of Tutankhamun and every day life.


Alive and Kicking

Every Monday for 10 weeks, Year 5 are  taking part  in Alive and Kicking, which is being run by Everyone Active. The children will be learning about healthy lifestyles and keeping fit.




This week we explored different activities we could do in the classroom to keep active and tasted a range of fruit and vegetables.


This week we worked out how much sugar was in different drinks and completed a  relay  using resistance bands and different modes of travelling such as skipping and hopping. At  the end of the relay, children had to find items of healthy food  to make a  meal.



Still image for this video

This week we   worked out how much sugar was in different foods and completed a  range  of relays  using skipping ropes and resistance bands.


This week during Alive and Kicking, we  learnt about portion size and took part in team exercises using the parachute.

This week, we  learnt about different food  groups using the Eat Well Guide and completed relays  using the information that we  learnt.

Konflux Theatre Company worked with Year 5 on an anti-bullying play for a day. We learnt about cyber safety and practised a play to perform to parents.

This term's English books.

Welcome to Year 5 2018/19 


This half term we will be exploring the book, Leon and the Place Between, and then exploring poetry by Kit Wright, with a focus on The Magic Box.


In  maths this half term, we  will be looking at place value and addition  and subtraction.


Our first Learning Challenge topic is ‘Will we ever send another human to the moon?’ where we will explore our solar system, the different planets and discuss whether we could survive in space. We will be using VR (Virtual Reality) technology to explore our Solar System.