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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Welcome to our Year 1 page.  We will share information on here, about your child's learning and you'll get regular updates about what they have been doing in class.  There is a copy of our curriculum overview below, so you can see what learning will be taking place throughout the year.  If you want to find out about specific curriculum areas, for example: 'Science' or 'Music' look at the 'Curriculum' section of the website.  We have a list of 50 recommended reads for Year 1, which are wonderful books and we encourage your child to read whilst they are with us.  Please mark them off, on the booklet you have been given, when your child has read them. 


Here is some information about our Year 1 curriculum:

Summer 2


This half term we are going to be reading books by Beatrix Potter and learning about her famous character Peter Rabbit. We will also look at the role of Beatrix Potter as a scientist and conservationist. We are going to be learning about where Peter Rabbit lives and whether Sutton Lawn would be a good home for him. We will set up experiments in order to see how plants grow, observing and recording data within our seed diaries. We are going to be learning about the different plants and trees that are found on Sutton Lawn and the plants and trees that are in Peter’s habitat, as well as what he eats and where he might explore. We will also be using maps of the local area to identify other green spaces and to plan our route to and from Sutton Lawn. We will also be learning about how to look after our local area. Finally, we will be making a snack that includes one of Peter’s favourite foods. 

We will find out all about the adventures of Peter Rabbit.

Summer 1

How different was my grandparents' childhood to mine?


This term we are exploring toys from the past and finding out who plays with them and building a chronology on a timeline from the 1920s to modern day. We will be comparing toys and discussing who played with the best toys and why, learning about famous inventors along the way. We will be investigating the properties of materials toys are made from and thinking about why those materials were chosen.  We will design, make and evaluate our own soft toy after exploring a range of materials and joining techniques in textiles.

We are enjoyed finding out about the adventures of Traction Man!

Our Toys

We enjoyed looking at each others toys, we described what they were made from and what they looked like. 

Spring 2

Hot or cold?

This term we are exploring seasons and the weather, both in this country and in other places. We are finding out about the extremes of the weather and why different places have different weather.

We are exploring hot places and cold places and the animals that live there. We will then put our animal knowledge to the test to write reports about penguins and meerkats. Could they swap places to live??!

White Post Farm

On our visit to White Post Farm we had the opportunity to feed, hold and find out lots of things to consolidate our learning about animals, especially meerkats!  We found out that meerkats are mammals, they eat beetles and fruit so they are carnivores and they live in Africa. 

Here are the fantastic books we are studying!

Spring term

Moving Around!

In spring we have been exploring our local area and how it has changed. We were amazed to learn that right in from of our school there used to be a train line. We walked the train tracks and imagined what it would have been like lots of years ago.

We then looked at how we move around our town today and noticed how busy the roads are around our school. we carried out a traffic survey and learnt that cars, vans and even lorries drive right past our school now, but not trains. 

We learn how to cross the road safely and practised this in class. 

We explored how vehicles move and made our own with wheels and axles. We had lots of fun racing them in our very own wacky races!

We learn about materials and their properties. We applied this learning to make our vehicles so that they were strong enough to move.

In Art and Design we learnt about printing and used tiles to produce some beautiful transport themed artwork.


We loved reading all about Naughty Bus and his adventures !!

Our author focus was Dapo Adeola. We loved reading the stories that he has written and illustrated!


Autumn 2

Why is our family unique?


This half term we will be looking at our families. We will be discovering if things were different when our Grandparents were little and looking at how buildings and houses may have changed.   In Science we will be starting our weather, temperature and rain recording (which will continue over the year) and looking at the four seasons, in particular, Autumn. We will also be looking at classification of animals and learning which family they belong to. In RE and PSHRE we will be looking at how we care for others and Christianity and Judaism.


In Maths we will be looking at number bonds, subtraction and 3D shapes.


Our English learning will focus on the following texts: 'Grandma Bird' and 'Grandad Island' by Benji Davies:


Autumn Walk

We have been learning about our five senses- seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling.  When we went on our Autumn walk we looked for signs of Autumn and recorded them on our clipboards.  We felt the cold wind blowing on our hands and face.  We saw the brown, orange and yellow leaves which had fallen from the trees and bushes.  We could hear the birds singing and the leaves blowing in the wind. 

Finding out about our Locality 

As part of our Geography learning, we went on a walk around part of Sutton to look at the different types of buildings.  We found that there were a range of buildings, including: a church, different shops, different take away outlets, hairdressers, a vets, a garage and different types of houses.  We talked about how we can recognise different types of houses, including: detached, semi-detached, terraced, flats, and bungalows. When we got back to school, we drew a map of the area we had visited. 

Autumn Term 1

We will begin the school year finding out 'What makes us a human?' by naming our body parts and exploring our senses.  We will also be naming and exploring common animal groups, including: fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.  We will find out that some animals are carnivores, some are herbivores and some are omnivores. 


In Maths, we will begin our learning with place value: counting, reading and writing numbers and comparing numbers.


In English, we will study a great book called 'The Bog Baby' by Jeanne Willis and then  'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr.


Bog Baby Hunt

As an introduction to our new text 'Bog Baby' we took the children on a Bog Baby hunt around school.  We talked about what the Bog Baby might look like, where we might find it and how it might behave.  The children were very excited and did some very careful searching! We looked in the classroom, the hall, the playground and the school garden.  After lots of looking, we finally found him in the garden.