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Welcome to our Maths curriculum page, please have a look at the Maths subject rationale.

Maths Subject rationale

A Mastery Approach and what it looks like at Priestsic

Maths Curriculum Purpose

Maths Curriculum Progression Map

Maths in Key Stage One

We follow the CPA approach in maths. Children have lots of opportunities to, 'build it, draw it and solve it' in order to deepen their understanding of maths concepts. We have maths areas in every classroom in Key Stage One which allow pupils to practise, consolidation and apply their developing knowledge and skills. Our environments also provide opportunities to explore and have fun with maths. Measuring, ordering and comparing opportunities are provided through continuous provision, as well as in other subjects, where we explicitly plan where we can apply our maths thinking. 

Maths in Key Stage One

Year 3

In Year 3, the children have been developing their place value skills by investigating the different ways they could make two-digit numbers using only 3 digit cards. They then explored only making numbers between a given start and end range.

Using the computers, they have been able to practise their times table skills on Times Tables Rockstars!