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Mental Health Week

Children's Mental Health Week 2023

Nursery and Foundation Stage 2

In F2 we talked about meaningful connections to family, friends and others such as dinner ladies, teachers, TAs. We talked about who we are connected to and how they support and help us. Children drew themselves in the middle and people who they are connected to.

Year 1

Year 2


In Year 2 we read the story ‘The very hungry worry monsters’ and discussed our worries and safe places. We then created our own worry monsters and boxes. 

Year 3

Year 4

In Year 4, we explored different strategies for relaxing and calming ourselves when everything is getting a bit too much. We tried meditation, breathing exercises and yoga. We were then reflective and discussed what makes us feel good, what makes us feel bad and how we can deal with those feelings. 

Year 5

Year 5 had a lovely Mental Health Week. We focused on resetting ourselves through calming techniques. We have also had a lot of discussion around who we can trust and who we can talk to, as well as how we can spot those in need of help! Furthermore, we made our own 'Circle of Control' posters to illustrate what things we can and can't manage and how this can affect our emotions.

Year 6


Year 6 kicked off Mental Health Week by reading the story 'After the Fall'. We discussed what happened in the story and how Humpty changed after his accident even though he was 'fixed'. We talked about mental health and and what things can affect it. We designed leaflets aimed at supporting Year 6 children with looking after their mental health and wellbeing. 

The theme for Children's Mental Health Week this year is "Let's Connect". Year 6 talked about all the different connections we have with people and we discussed the importance of having meaningful relationships. We created people chains to show who we are connected to, then we explained how that connection supports our mental health and wellbeing.