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Foundation 1

To find out more about our EYFS Curriculum and learning through play, please visit our EYFS Curriculum page from the following links.

Foundation 1


Throughout the year in Foundation One, we will learn through a balance of child initiated play and adult directed activities. We will learn to work independently as well as being supported through our play and guided activities. We will choose our own learning both indoors and outdoors and take part in activities around the school grounds, including in the garden. We will learn how to learn by studying the Characteristics of Effective Learning and reading stories about our Learning Characters. All of the Seven Areas of Learning and Development will be covered through our activities and play each week and we will build on our knowledge and skills. During the year, we will have a range of visitors in school. We will listen to lots of stories and sing lots of songs and rhymes to develop our vocabulary.

Summer One 2024

At the start of this half term, we will share the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and learn to retell it. We will have a go at adding in expression as we take on the different character roles. We will recall what we know about what plants need to grow as we plant some beans and care for them. We will compare the different types of beans that we grow. We will learn about minibeasts and the life cycle of a caterpillar as we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We will even get to watch some real caterpillars transform into butterflies. We will finish the half term by sharing the story of Titch and looking at how people grow up. 


Spring Two 2024

We began the half term by learning the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We retold the story with puppets. We were builders and created our own bridges out of blocks. We tested if a goat could stand and balance on our bridge without the bridge falling down. We were chefs and made pancakes in celebration of Pancake Day. We learnt about trains as we read the Train Ride story and then compared this train journey to the Indian train journey in Engines, Engines. We joined in with the celebration of Holi. We ended the half term by learning about Easter and baking some Easter cakes. 

Spring One 2024

We began the half term by learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We retold the story with puppets. We were bakers and made biscuits, thinking about how the ingredients changed when they were baked. We found out about woodlands and the animals that live there. We enjoyed experimenting with torches and lights to create shadows as we read the story in the Foggy Foggy Forest. We finished the half term by learning about owls as we read Wow! said the owl. 

Autumn Two 2023

We began the half term by learning the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We retold the story with puppets and experimented to  make our own bowl of porridge - we talked about if it was delicious, too sweet or too lumpy? We continued our learning around the theme of bears as we found out about different types of environments and different types of weather. We looked at the celebration of Bonfire Night and created poppies for Remembrance Day using different art styles. We finished the half term by learning about Christmas. We took part in our own Christmas performance and sang songs on the school stage.

Here are this half term's key texts.

Autumn 1 2023


Welcome to all our new Foundation 1 children and welcome back to all our Foundation children that started last academic year! :-) 


Throughout Foundation 1, we will be learning lots of nursery rhymes and reading lots of stories. We will began the year by exploring diversity by learning about ourselves and our families. We had a visit from a librarian to find out about the library and enjoyed some stories and games. We learnt about bakers and retold the Gingerbread Man story. We made some tasty gingerbread men too. We learnt about birthday celebrations and how to bake a cake. Before half term, we read some stories about farm life and learnt about the celebration of Harvest.

Here are this half term's Key Texts: