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Foundation 1

To find out more about our EYFS Curriculum and learning through play, please visit our EYFS Curriculum page from the following links.

It is lovely to see all of the children settling well into F1 and ready to learn! Please find below our Curriculum Overview for this academic year,

Please take some time to have a look at our parent videos about 'Let's play' and how to support your child with phase 1 phonics at home by clicking the link below:

Foundation 1 2020-21


Throughout the year in Foundation One, we will learn through a balance of child initiated play and adult directed activities. We will learn to work independently as well as being supported through our play and guided activities. We will choose our own learning both indoors and outdoors and take part in activities around the school grounds, including in the garden. We will learn how to learn by studying the Characteristics of Effective Learning and reading stories about our Learning Characters. All of the Seven Areas of Learning and Development will be covered through our activities and play each week and we will build on our knowledge and skills. During the year, we will have a range of visitors in school (Covid permitting) and we will have home activities to complete too. We will listen to lots of stories and sing lots of songs and rhymes to develop our vocabulary.

To find out about our Blended Learning in F1, click on the following link.

Summer 1 2021 - Plants.


This half term will focus on plants and start with sharing the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We will look after plants in the garden as well as plant some more of our own to help grow. We will look at some minibeasts that are in the garden and go on a hunt for them. We will find out what a gardener does. After studying the minibeasts, we will be able to create our own using different resources. We will spin our own spider webs using wool. We will celebrate May Day with lots of dancing and St. George’s Day by baking some traditional English scones. We will have a visit from Asda (Covid restriction permitting) and be able to discover our favourite fruit after tasting lots of different types.

Here are this half term's key texts:

April Rhyme Challenge

Spring 2 2021 - The Woods.


During this half term, we will look at different stories based in the Woods and we will learn to retell Little Red Riding Hood. We will learn about how the police can help us and have a visit from an officer. We will celebrate Pancake Day and mix our own pancakes before eating them. We will end the half term with the celebration of Easter and go on an Easter egg hunt. We will visit the garden and look at the trees and draw them. We will explore sponges and rollers in the paint to see the different effects they make. Along with the rest of school, we will celebrate reading with World Book Day and share lots more stories.

Here are this half terms key texts:

This week we have enjoyed celebrating World Book Day by reading lots of stories. We have been on a shape hunt around our outside area. We have been practising our art skills using rollers and finger painting techniques to create a tree with leaves. We have given out February Reading Bingo challenge certificates too!

This week we have read the story Mr Wolf's pancakes and had a go at flipping a pancake. We have enjoyed tasting pancakes and trying different toppings. In maths we have learnt about colours and have been colour matching. We also created a skittles rainbow and talked about the colours we could see. We also enjoyed making repeating patterns with natural objects.

Spring 1 2021 - Creatures

In Spring One, we will start with the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and have a go at making our own bridges. We will look at the story Once Upon a Picnic and see if we can spot any familiar characters before making our own healthy picnic. We will share some dinosaur stories. We will be archaeologists and dig up dinosaur fossils. We will end the half term by celebrating Chinese New Year and learn some Chinese dance moves, as well as, our home corner being set up like a Chinese home to develop vocabulary and imagination. We will sample some Chinese rice. We will work on acts of kindness and see how we can help and care for others.

Here are this half term's key texts:

Here is this half term's Learning Journey - we have been very busy!

This week we have learnt about the Chinese New Year, tasted Chinese food, danced with ribbons, enjoyed playing in the Chinese cafe, practised our cutting skills, learnt about shapes and lots more besides! Take a look:

As part of Safer Internet day today we watched Jessie and friends (Episode 1) about watching videos. We talked about what to do if you are watching a video and something upsetting and scary comes onto the screen. The children had some great ideas! :-)

We have had a lovely week learning! In Maths we have been sorting different objects in different ways. In Phonics we have practised our letter sounds and made 'Silly soup'. We have been reading and doing actions to 'Dinosaur roar!' and we have been making dinosaur footprints! We have been doing lots of other things too - take a look!

As part of Children's Mental Health Week we have been reading stories about feelings and thinking and talking about about what makes us happy, sad, grumpy, tired and surprised.

This week we have been archaeologists - digging dinosaur bones from the ice. We have also made dinosaur fossils with playdough.

This week we read the story Once Upon a Picnic and went on a fairytale character hunt. Then we made our own healthy picnic by cutting up cucumber, carrots and celery and enjoying them with some dips! Yummy!

We built our own bridges for the Three Billy Goats Gruff to cross!

Autumn 2 2020 - Bears


We will begin this half term by looking at the celebration of Bonfire Night and taste some traditional Bonfire Night foods. We will then move on to learn about bears and retell the story of Goldilocks. We will explore light and dark and day and night and use torches to create shadows. After reading the story Whatever Next, we will go on our own picnic on the moon and make a jam sandwich to take with us. We will continue to build on our knowledge of numbers and counting, as well as naming 2D shapes. We will finish by learning about the celebration of Christmas and performing our own Nativity on our stage. We will sing songs to tell the story.

Here are this half term's key texts:

We had fun at our Christmas party! We played party games, decorated Christmas cakes, played pass the parcel and ate lots of yummy party food!

We enjoyed watching and dancing to a Live Stream irock Christmas Concert this afternoon!

We enjoyed singing Christmas songs and playing instruments on the outside stage!

Still image for this video

We enjoyed wearing our Christmas jumpers today and raising money for a good cause. Thank you everyone! :-)

We really enjoyed our journey to the moon this week. We made jam sandwiches and had a picnic on the moon like Baby Bear and Owl in our story Whatever Next! :-)

We enjoyed dressing up and retelling the Wriggly Nativity Story in the hall.

We enjoyed playing Pudsey Bear games and decorating and eating biscuits! :-)

We had great fun coming in non-uniform and raised lots of money for Children in Need. Thanks everyone! we have made Pudsey smile! :-)

We created a poppy window display for Remembrance Day!

This week we have enjoyed retelling Goldilocks and the Three Bears story and counting out bears onto 5 frames!

We learned about Bonfire Night and enjoyed tasting Bonfire Night food - hotdogs and mushy peas!

Autumn 1 2020 - Journeys


Throughout Foundation 1, we will be learning lots of nursery rhymes and reading lots of stories. We will begin to explore diversity by learning about ourselves and our families. We will have a visit from a librarian (Covid permitting) to find out about the library and enjoy some stories. We will explore the school grounds and make up our own Train Ride story, as we find out about types of transport. We will help our local community by collecting for a food bank during our Harvest Festival. When we retell the Gingerbread Man story, we will decorate our own gingerbread men biscuits. We will help care for our garden and look after the plants and create a vegetable soup.


Here are this half term's Key Texts:

We wore red to show racism the red card!

We learnt about Bob Marley as part of Black History Month and played instruments to his song Iron Lion Zion!

We enjoy reading and writing!

We have had fun exploring our Continuous Provision areas.

We had fun decorating our own gingerbread man! :-)

We have been settling into F1! :-)

Presentation Rainbow Final.mp4

Still image for this video

Summer Term 2020 EYFS Behaviour Policy Update

Home Learning in Foundation 1

Please find below a home learning pack for the children to access and continue their learning from home. 


Have a look at the Phonics and Maths sections below, we will continue to update these on a regular basis. Don't worry about going over the same learning every few days - children need to time to practise their learning so that they remember it. Most importantly - enjoy!


Please sign up to Class Dojo to receive updates and to get in contact with any queries regarding Home Learning. If you have not signed up yet, please check your email inbox and junk email to find your invite to Class Dojo. If you have not received an email and would like to sign up, then please email the school office so we can set this up.

Thank you



Don't forget these useful times whilst you are learning from home.


9:00 am PE with Joe Wicks Live on Youtube (The Body Coach TV)

9:30 am Dough Disco Live on Youtube (Spread The Happiness TV)

10:00 am  White Rose Maths These can be accessed anytime but they do a live stream at 10:00 am

White Rose have added 5 lessons. Each of these come with a short video, activities and answers. These are a great way to promote maths learning during the closures and follow the scheme we already use in school. 5 new lessons are added every week during the closures.

11:00 am David Walliams is offering a free audio book daily. Also on the site there are a range of activities for each book

Please find below some ideas for ways to keep active while at home. 

List of useful websites for remote learning

  • Phonics Play (Phase 1)

Happy Easter

Well done everyone! You are at the end of the term! We are so proud of all the learning you have been doing, and seeing your smiling faces!
Here are a few fun Easter activities you are welcome to do.
Have a lovely, safe, happy Easter break. x

Home Learning in Nursery

Please find below a home learning pack for the children to access and continue their learning from home. 

W.C. 16.03.20 Nursery

Spring Two

Mythical Creatures!


During this half term, we will look at different traditional stories that all include mythical creatures such as The Gruffalo and monsters. The children will have the opportunity to make up a creature of their own, name them and make up and act out a story that includes their creature. To encourage aspiration, we will be learning about job roles of people who help us and we will have a Dentist and Optician.  We will celebrate Pancake Day and visit our own pop up Pancake café where we will get to pick the toppings we like!  We will have a visit from Asda who will teach us about different fruits from around the world and we will get to sample them.  We will study the signs of spring and the changes that occur as we go on walks around our school grounds. We will finish the half term by studying and celebrating Easter and having a visit from a member of the local church.

We got comfy in our pyjamas and enjoyed lots of stories for world book day! 

We went on a walk around our school grounds and collected lots of sticks and leaves to make some Gruffalo Crumble!

We came to the pancake café and chose what toppings we would like on our pancakes, they was yummy!


Spring One

Once upon a time!


In spring one, we will explore different traditional tales and look at the storytelling and imagination within these stories. Children will act out the different stories and develop a love for their favourite fairy tale.

We will also have an exciting visit from Zoo Lab where we will get to find out about and hold different creatures. We also have an African drumming session where we will have the opportunity to sing and play an African drum.

We will celebrate Chinese New Year and learn some Chinese dance moves, as well as, our home corner being set up like a Chinese home to develop vocabulary and imagination. Let's not forget our own pop up Chinese restaurant where children will get to try different Chinese foods.


Today we collected our cheque from Asda for our new ICT equipment. Thank you to all of our parents and carers for supporting us!

We had a visit from the chicks that have been born in school. We talked about what the chicks will grow into and got to hold them.

As our story of the week was ‘Once upon a picnic’ we decided to have our own picnic in Nursery. We followed instructions to make our sandwiches and then enjoyed eating them.

We did some planting in Nursery as we wanted to see what was inside the seeds. We spoke about what we will need to do to make them grow and put them in our home corner so we can watch them grow.  

This week at Nursery we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. We have enjoyed making Chinese Lanterns and trying some different Chinese foods.

Today we enjoyed playing the African drums and joining in with some nursery rhymes.
Run, run as fast as you can, you cant catch me I'm the gingerbread man! Luckily we got to decorate and eat our gingerbread men before they ran away.
Today we had a visit from Zoo Lab and got to meet a corn snake, a tarantula, a giant snail and a giant millipede. We got the chance to hold or stroke them too!

Autumn Two

Light and Dark!


We will begin this half term by looking at the two celebrations of Bonfire night and Diwali. We will compare these as we learn about India, sample some Indian food, take part in an Indian dance class and create firework scenes.

We will then move on to learn about Nocturnal animals as we all know they come out at night! We will have a look at some of the animals that live in the woods. We will have visits from some owls, who will fly around the school hall as well as a visit from a local vet.

We will continue to buil on our knowledge of numbers. We will study light and dark and compare with day and night with our visit from the planetarium, where we will get to look at the night sky!

We will finish by learning about the celebration of Christmas and performing our own Nativity on our stage.



Today we came to nursery in our Christmas jumpers to raise money for Save the Children!


Today the children learnt about being a Vet, looking after injured and poorly animals. We got to meet an injured hedgehog and heard all about how they have been looking after him!


Today we had a special visitor who bought with them a Planetarium! We got the chance to go inside and stargaze!


We were lucky enough to have two  visitors in school.. Archie and Gizmo! The children got to learn about where they sleep and what they eat. We enjoyed watching them fly around the hall and then some children had a turn at holding them!


Autumn One

Magnificent me!


This terms topic is all about getting to know our children and peers in Nursery. We will be talking about our family and friends and the characteristics that make us special! Our nursery has a Supermarket, where children can find the ingredients, they need to cook with in the home corner and role play with each other being the shop assistant. We will have lots of opportunities to read different stories and retell discuss and act these out. The children will have lots of opportunities to improve their gross and fine motor skills with activities such as, yoga, scribble whilst you wiggle, making maths magic and dough disco! 

We will be having a visit from a puppet workshop, this will help to learn the children how to put on their own puppet show. We will have a visit from a librarian to read us some stories and will celebrate National Poetry Day and make our own musical instruments to play as we sing nursery rhymes. We will end the half term by collecting food for a Harvest Festival, which we will donate to the Salvation Army.


Welcome to Foundation One!


We have had a great start back at school, we welcomed back the children from last year, as well as, children starting nursery for the first time. We have settled in well with our routine and have enjoyed exploring our environment and the provision on offer. Our learning takes place inside in our classrooms as well as outside. We have a learning area outside and we regularly visit the garden too.

Stay and play!

We invited all of the parents into nursery to spend some quality time with their children.


The children enjoyed story telling and learning how to use the puppets at the puppet workshop!


Today the children came to nursery with crazy hair to celebrate diversity and how being different is amazing!


The children enjoyed a visit from the librarian Kerry. They enjoyed listening to the story ‘there’s a monster in my book’ and enjoyed having a look at the monster puppet. The children then put the puppet on the lycra and had lots of fun trying to shake him off!