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Foundation 1

To find out more about our EYFS Curriculum and learning through play, please visit our EYFS Curriculum page from the following links.

It is lovely to see all of the children settling well into F1 and ready to learn! Please find below our Curriculum Overview for this academic year,

Please take some time to have a look at our parent videos about 'Let's play' and how to support your child with phase 1 phonics at home by clicking the link below:

Foundation 1 2020-21


Throughout the year in Foundation One, we will learn through a balance of child initiated play and adult directed activities. We will learn to work independently as well as being supported through our play and guided activities. We will choose our own learning both indoors and outdoors and take part in activities around the school grounds, including in the garden. We will learn how to learn by studying the Characteristics of Effective Learning and reading stories about our Learning Characters. All of the Seven Areas of Learning and Development will be covered through our activities and play each week and we will build on our knowledge and skills. During the year, we will have a range of visitors in school (Covid permitting) and we will have home activities to complete too. We will listen to lots of stories and sing lots of songs and rhymes to develop our vocabulary.

To find out about our Blended Learning in F1, click on the following link.

Summer 2  2022 - Animals


Our last term, of the year will start with sharing the story of the Three Little Pigs. We will build different houses and dens using a range of different materials and resources. We will find out about animals from Africa and listen to some traditional African music. We will use our developing vocabulary to talk about and compare animals, including naming the young of some animals as we learn how they grow up and change. We will finish the year by showing off all our developing physical skills in a sports day event and celebrating all our learning from the year in F1.

Here are this half term's Key Texts:

Summer 1 2022 - Tea time

This half term will begin with the tale of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and we will be architects as we design and build bridges. We will have a go at creating bridges with the large construction outside and travelling over these. We will look at some healthy foods and explore the tastes of different fruits. We will end with a celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee as we enjoy dancing to some 1950s music and find out about life in the past. We will also look at some stories from the past and begin to compare them to today. We will make scones so we can enjoy a traditional English tea party.

Here are this half term's Key Texts:

The Birthday Crown and The Queens Jubilee celebrations!

We learned about Earth Day and made a pledge to make our world a better place!


Spring 2 2022 - Growing

During this half term, we will look the changes that occur with people, plants and animals as they grow. We will celebrate Pancake Day and mix our own pancakes before cooking and eating them. We will end the half term with the celebration of Easter and go on an Easter egg hunt and make Easter cards to give to someone special. Along with the rest of school, we will celebrate reading with World Book Day and share lots more stories. We will learn the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and grow our own beans. We will learn about the life cycle of a tadpole as we observe frog spawn changing and the frogs growing.

Here are this half term's Key Texts:

Red Nose Day fun for a a great cause! :-)

Spring 1 2022 - The Woods


In Spring One, we will start with the story of Little Red Riding hood as we learn about a woodland environment. We will learn about how the police can help us and have a visit from an officer. We will enjoy sharing other stories based in the woods. We will explore how food changes when it is cooked and what happens to ice when it is warmed up. We will visit the garden and look at the trees and draw them. We will explore sponges and rollers in the paint to see the different effects they make We will celebrate Chinese New Year and list to Chinese music. We will work on acts of kindness and see how we can help and care for others.

Here are this half term's Key Texts:

Our Spring 1 Learning Journey!

The Gruffalo!

We have had a busy start to this half term! We have been retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood, painting trees, learning around our classroom, writing on big paper and we had a visit from the police. We even had fun in the snow! We have also welcomed our new starter children!

Autumn 2 2021 - Bears


We will begin this half term by looking at the celebration of Bonfire Night and taste some traditional Bonfire Night foods and hopfefully have  a firefighter and fire engine visit. We will then move on to learn about bears and retell the story of Goldilocks. We will explore light and dark and day and night and use torches to create shadows. After reading the story Whatever Next, we will go on our own picnic on the moon and make a jam sandwich to take with us. We will continue to build on our knowledge of numbers and counting, as well as naming 2D shapes. We will finish by learning about the celebration of Christmas and performing our own Nativity on our stage. We will sing songs to tell the story.

Here are this half term's Key Texts:

We have had a lovely week singing counting songs with snowmen using a human sized five frame! We have decorated Christmas trees in transient art. We made Christmas cards. We have decorated Christmas cakes by melting chocolate and adding decorations. We learned about the Christmas story from Reverend Julie. We enjoyed our Christmas party games and party food too! We were also excited to receive our present from Santa!

We wore Christmas jumpers on Christmas Jumper Day to raise money for Save the Children! :-) Our tall Christmas tree and beautiful Christmas tree decorations were kindly donated from ASDA Sutton-In-Ashfield! Thank you soo much! :-)

We enjoyed dressing up and singing Christmas songs!

This week we have been using 2D shapes to create rockets. We have been colouring rockets. We have been retelling the story 'Whatever Next!' Some of us received a certificate for completing the November reading challenge! We have also made jam sandwiches and went on a trip to the moon, where we enjoyed a picnic!

This week we enjoyed a visit from Kerry the librarian. We enjoyed listening to the story 'There's a monster in my book' and we had cuddles with the monster puppet. We then played trampoline games with the monster puppet using the lycra. We had lots of fun shaking him off! Outside, we have been creating shapes using sticks and twigs, and we have been drawing shapes with chalk. We went on a bear hunt around the Foundation garden and found the bear in the 'cave'! We have also worked together to create a giant forest picture from out story 'We're going on a bear hunt!'.

This week it was anti-bullying week. For this we wore odd socks and and talked about kindness. We showed kindness to our friends. We did lots of writing inside and outside. We received our prizes from the MTFC penalty shootout. We made a snowstorm from our Bear Hunt story. We programmed the Beebots to get to different pictures from our story in Maths and put a bear in different places using positional language. We raised lots of money for Children in Need and enjoyed playing games and eating cake!

We have had a busy week! We followed instructions to make Goldilocks some porridge that was 'Just right'! We have created Goldilocks using transient art materials. In Maths we have been counting bears using a five frame. We have also created poppies using apple printing. These created a memorial cross that the school council representatives took to the Remembrance Service and also created the lovely window displays in our classroom!

We have had a great first week back. We had an exciting visit from the Fire Brigade to learn about how they help us and look at the equipment they use. We have been sorting large and small objects in Maths. We have been reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears story and have written a letter to Goldilocks. We hope she replies. We have learnt about Bonfire night and tasted bonfire night food. We have created some beautiful firework pictures too using paint and chalk.

Autumn 1 2021 - Journeys


Welcome to all our new Foundation 1 children and welcome back to all our Foundation children that started last academic year! :-) 


Throughout Foundation 1, we will be learning lots of nursery rhymes and reading lots of stories. We will begin to explore diversity by learning about ourselves and our families. We will have a visit from a librarian (Covid permitting) to find out about the library and enjoy some stories. We will explore the school grounds and make up our own Train Ride story, as we find out about types of transport. We will help our local community by collecting for a food bank during our Harvest Festival. When we retell the Gingerbread Man story, we will decorate our own gingerbread men biscuits. We will help care for our garden and look after the plants and create a vegetable soup.

Here are this half term's Key Texts:

This week we have been using positional language in Maths and have been putting Spot the dog in different places and describing where he is. We have created patterns and have enjoyed counting and colouring. We have enjoyed reading stories. We have also worked together as a team to build obstacle courses outside and have enjoyed exploring a pumpkin. We also did some spooky counting by using tweezers to free the spiders from the web and counting how many we caught. We finished the week with a pumpkin hunt! We had lots of fun learning!

We learnt about Bob Marley as part of Black History Month and enjoyed playing instruments to his song Iron Lion Zion!

This week we have been making repeating patterns in Maths, innovating our story Mr Gumpy's Outing in Literacy; collecting food for Harvest; tasting vegetable soup; we practiced our cutting skills to make Harvest hats and we had a lovely visit from Reverend Julie from New Cross Church to talk to us about Harvest.

We enjoyed our football coaching session and penalty shootout with MTFC!

We have had fun learning about colours and mixing them to see which new colour they make! We have also learned about 2D shapes. We have been sorting the shapes and making patterns and pictures with the shapes.

We have been reading 'The Train Ride' story. We made our own story map and added a new ending. Can you guess what they did with Grandma?

We have enjoyed exploring our indoor and outdoor continuous provision.

We have been reading 'The Gingerbread Man' story! We followed instructions to decorate our own Gingerbread Man and enjoyed eating him all up before he could run away! :-)

Summer Term 2020 EYFS Behaviour Policy Update

List of useful websites for remote learning

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